Be the change you want to see in the world

These are words from Mahatma Gandi. And he did exactly what he’d said. Everyone can do it. There are a few which have the capability and patience to achieve so much as Gandi, but we actually don’t have to. We all can do a little every single day and it matters – the overall result is enormous. Small things matter. These are the impetus the society needs. We do not need a revolution, we need an evolution, but every single day, every single moment, always. Just hug someone or smile . . . and you have already changed the world for at least one fellow.

So do not hesitate to do what you want and what you think is good to be done. It does not matter that no one else does it. It matters that you start doing it. This is the change everyone can do. And then there will be surely someone to follow and then another one and the change is there . . .

The first step is the freewill to change something. The second step is always the change in mind – to know consciously what have to be changed and how it can be changed. The third step and the fourth step (it’s not so easy – patience and strong motivation are needed) are to act, to make the difference. And then the fifth step – just get used to act always like this. Pleasure and happiness for the well done job will be your companions. And then you will discover that there are other people as well which have done the change. And the world will be changed without trying to move big mountains, but just moving yourself.

There is a nice web site – We Are What We Do – where you can find numerous small ideas how to change yourself and your behaviour . . . and then the world. Have fun with it. 🙂 Others will appreciate it.