Working and Giving Away

Every single human being is different and unique and this is surely a nice thing. But we are used to group ourselves in communities, in cities, in countries and so on. A group of people is nothing but a kind of a community of purpose or a community of some kind of similarity. If we concern the work there are two types of people – which work and which do not work. The second group consists all people which are not able to (ill, disabled) or are prohibited (children) to work or allowed not to work (retirees) for some reasons. The social system was invented in order to ensure that the second group can survive. The idea is just to take some money or goods from the working people and give then to the not-working. It is a nice system. It is a system which ensures that we give away if we have and that we help people which don’t have.

But there is a “dark side” of the social system. There are people which just don’t won’t to work or work, but in such a manner that they don’t give anything away. Can we exclude them from this social system? Acctually not. We are still supposed to give them – we don’t want to let someone die from starvation. The problem hier is that some weeknesses of the system make it possible that some people never work and never give away. And the logical question is how to make them work? Ok, there are some people which give away without working, so let ask the better question: “How to make people give away?” Is it possible to change the system in a better way. Sure, but it won’t be a solution – there is no perfect system and every single system can be corrupted.

The only possible solution is to make people really understand what it means to give away, to explain why we need to give away. To explain that when we give away, we progress, we evolve, we become better, we create. If we suddenly remove the social system, the give away system, we will see that only a small part of the people will still give away. Most people will stop to give away. Why? I think one reason is that our “give-away” social system is not well explained. The people which work does simply not realise that they give away or if so they don’t realise that they make something positive, that they help other people.

I think it is high time to start to act in this area. To start to explain what it means to give away. To give away not because we must do it, but because we want to do it. To give away and to understand the meaning of giving away. And we must start to change out social system from a system which makes us give away unconsciously to a system which enables us to give away consciously. It was before 2000 when Christi came and we have still not learned his lessons. His mission was not to change our thinking (as the system nowadays), but to learn us how we can change our thinking on our own. He wanted to change our Old-Testament-thinking – “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” in the New-Testament-thinking – “if you have two shirts, give one to someone who needs it”. The first is acctually giving away through order and the second is giving away because of inner persuation. The conclusion is – start to give away, because you know consciously that you want to do it and why you need to do it.

On the other hand there are many people, which understand these notions quite well. They understand what it means to give away and they want to give away more than the social system allows them. These people must be given the chance to act. Such people can do much more, can give much more away if they have the freedom of giving away without the restriction of the social system, which makes you capable of giving away almost only by working. There already many ideas how to change the social system and I think it will gradually evolve in a better one. We must just have the strong willingness to make it better.

Most important is not WHAT we do, but HOW we do it

I’ve currently seen an interesting webpage – It enables us to define a so called hub, i.e. a topic, which is of interest for us and us it to acquire information about it or some similar topics. It is a kind of combination between blog, newsletters, rss, chat, forum, video, photos and many more. It is a really powerful communication tool. And it is sure not the first or last such tool.

The “new” Web 2.0 and the expected Web 3.0, as well as many other new technologies give us entirely new possibilities. Not only in the communication field, but in every single life-sphere. Nowadays we can do almost everything. Everything becomes possible and there are always people which can do some specific thing. So the entire knowledge of the humanity and the possibilities to communicate and share this knowledge are becoming practically infinite.

But why we still have such enorm problems like illnesses, poverty, wars? There are actually solutions for all this problems. I think that the problem is that we concentrate on WHAT we do, but not on HOW we do it. The way of doing things is exactly what makes us happy and what solves our problems. WHAT we achieve is of course important, but the way to the aim is much more important – it teaches us and shows us what really matters in life. The way, HOW we do things, is the milestone for our total sustainable success. This notion is contained in the Bible as well.

I thing that the modern technology is a typicall WHAT and the cultural and spiritual development the typical HOW. And nowadays almost everyone concentrates on WHAT, on technology. We are a technological society. We are making the technological development a final aim. But technology is and can’t be much than a mean, an assitance for humanity. So we are making this assistance an aim. As a result we are deviating from the really important aims – to improve our society, to improve our relations, to improve ourselves. We are evolving in technology, but not in spirit. This devastates our personalities and then our societies as well. For example, we have the technology to communicate, but we have forgotten how to communicate with one another.

So let concentrate on HOW we do things, no matter WHAT we do. If we do it in the right and positive way it will end well and we will be happy with it.

Poem up your life

I’m very pleased to present you a really nice poem from a friend of mine – Hrisi. Thank you, Hrisi, for sharing with us your optimism and happiness!

Walking down the dusty road,
Seeing people dark and cold.
People with a destiny dreaded
Don’t know where they’re headed.
Their hearts are made of stone
And their souls are all alone.
So now they’re rude and bitter.
In their eyes is no more of glitter.
What has happened to this world?
In cruelty and power it all has swirled.
Children screaming,
Soldiers fighting,
Factories are steaming,
And Mother Nature – biting.
Is that’s why I had to be born?!
So that my heart could get torn?!
Looking at this disaster
As if the world is going faster.
And everything is falling apart
But I don’t want to leave it with an empty heart.
I want to fight
And wait for the day filled with light.
When the stones will be broken
And the true words will be spoken.
The souls of ice will get crashed
And the guilty will be smashed.
And then we’ll learn
How to love and how to cherish
But the rest will burn
Because evil has to perish.
We’ll put an end to the madness and the crime
And there will be no more blindness till the end of time.
Then I’ll walk again the road of dust
And all I’ll see will be happiness and trust.
Humans will be finding one another
And we’ll be all together with our father.
There will be no more pain,
Nor goodness will go into vain.
We’ll live together like sisters and brothers,
We’ll finally know how to treat one another.

This poem is a really nice and uncomplicated way to say how you think and feel. And I think and feel just the same. I think that almost all people think and feel in this way. The dynamic everyday life with its problems and the impossibility to live consciously are the only factors which are disturbing us from feeling happy. But these are easy to overcome, if you just try . . .