Poem up your life

I’m very pleased to present you a really nice poem from a friend of mine – Hrisi. Thank you, Hrisi, for sharing with us your optimism and happiness!

Walking down the dusty road,
Seeing people dark and cold.
People with a destiny dreaded
Don’t know where they’re headed.
Their hearts are made of stone
And their souls are all alone.
So now they’re rude and bitter.
In their eyes is no more of glitter.
What has happened to this world?
In cruelty and power it all has swirled.
Children screaming,
Soldiers fighting,
Factories are steaming,
And Mother Nature – biting.
Is that’s why I had to be born?!
So that my heart could get torn?!
Looking at this disaster
As if the world is going faster.
And everything is falling apart
But I don’t want to leave it with an empty heart.
I want to fight
And wait for the day filled with light.
When the stones will be broken
And the true words will be spoken.
The souls of ice will get crashed
And the guilty will be smashed.
And then we’ll learn
How to love and how to cherish
But the rest will burn
Because evil has to perish.
We’ll put an end to the madness and the crime
And there will be no more blindness till the end of time.
Then I’ll walk again the road of dust
And all I’ll see will be happiness and trust.
Humans will be finding one another
And we’ll be all together with our father.
There will be no more pain,
Nor goodness will go into vain.
We’ll live together like sisters and brothers,
We’ll finally know how to treat one another.

This poem is a really nice and uncomplicated way to say how you think and feel. And I think and feel just the same. I think that almost all people think and feel in this way. The dynamic everyday life with its problems and the impossibility to live consciously are the only factors which are disturbing us from feeling happy. But these are easy to overcome, if you just try . . .