Modern Democracy or Modern Slavery

Quite a big part of the humanity is used to live in a modern democracy and the other parts which don’t have this opportunity normally strive for it. In my opinion every system can be good or bad, it is important how we design it. Actualy how is always more importat that what. Modern democracy is may be the best system nowadays, but it must evolve. Let us take a more inside look of the modern democracy.

Modern democracy is based on the old roman democracy modell. It has, let say two chief castes – free citizens and slaves. The first group had had a high social status and many rights and the people in this group could do almost everything. The second had had almost no rigths, but the “right” (actually the obligation) to work. If the modern democracy is based on this modell, which are the slaves and which are the free citizens. We are always told to be the free citizens. And we are free citizens. But where are the slaves? We are the slaves. The slaves are the workers and the tax-payers. So, in the modern democracy we are both the slaves and the free citizens. But we don’t have the capacity to be both. These are two very different groups. Nowadays we don’t have free time to be free citizens – we work and consume, work and consume . . . and our thinking is changed. We think more and more like a slaves. We forget to think like a free citizens. So we live in a kind of a new slavery, a slavery directed in the false way, a slavery in which we serve not the other people, but a small privileged group of people and a system – the modern democracy.

The new generation has already understood this problem, but still mostly unconsciously. It tries hardly to find a solution for this problem, but it must first consciouly understand where the real problem lies. It is not always bad to be a slave, being a slave is a way of giving away. But you cannot command anyone to become a slave. The slaves of the system can be transformed in “slaves” of the society and of the fellow people, but in free citizens as well. This free citizens will have the choice to consciously determine the way in which they will serve the society and the people. The system itself will answer with a solidarity towards its members and allow this free choise. The different civil initiatives are already a step towards this change of the system. The system must but still garantee some kind of complementary (financial) security of the free citizens.