Barefoot running and giving

Getting up late and going to the office with the tram was typical for me. But to sit 30 minutes in the tram on the way was not a good solution for me. Well, I used the time to read or the look at the other people in the tram or even to talk with them. But why sitting one more hour, when I already had to sit for eight hours in the office. When it’s warm enough I always walk barefoot and when it is cold I have my Vibram Five Fingers on. And both ways of walking give me a great feeling of freedom, so I want to move around, to jump, to run, even to fly 🙂 So you can imagine that having this inspiration to move, it was completely unsatisfying for me to sit nine hours a day.

At the same time I wanted to start to give some amount of money for a good purpose. My transport card costs for one month about 50 euro. That’s not much money for me, but I had still the feeling, that this amount of money was not well spent. So I decided to run sometimes to work or simply to walk. The distances is between 7 and 10 km, depending on which way I choose. This means between 15 and 20 km per day walking or running.

Wise people say that we should walk at least 10 km a day, so now I do this 🙂 It’s healthy and I don’t need any extra time for sports, so I have even more free time and have the pleasure to see the sun rising and going down in the forest. I’m so happy to be outside in the mature exactly at this most beautiful times of the day. This makes me really happy and gives me a lot of energy. 

I thought that I would save at about 20-25 euro per month. Three months later I like to go to work and back, so much that I save even more, between 30 and 35 euro. I’ve decided to spend this money for Christoffel Blindenmission. They use the money for eye-surgery in the poor countries. With only 30 euro such a surgery can make a blind person see again.  I’m happy with this desicion.

I’m looking for other ways to save money in my everyday life, so I’ll be gratefull if you share your stories as well 🙂