Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is a great way of travelling and an easy opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people not only all over the world, but in your own home city as well. The main principle is to share your flat, room or matress with travellers, going through your city. And of course you have the possibility to stay with someone, when you travel. There are no charges. Everything is free, but everyone is welcome to donate as much as she/he wants.

This are the basics, but couch surfing is much more than that. At first you may thing, that it is about free travelling around. But you can’t or must not save money from it, because you are supposed to and always bring at least some small presents to your hosts or invite them to a dinner or similar. They give you accommodation and make you feel not as a tourist, but as a resident and you give them whatever you have.

So couch surfing is much more about meeting people and understanding more about the natives while travelling. It’s even highly possible that you start to travel because of couch surfing in order to meet some people. Normally you first choose what you want to see and where you have or want to stay, but with couch surfing you start to want to choose first with whom you stay. To meeet a human being is always better than just meeting a city or a natural point of interest. And CS normally gives you both.

Couch surfing is mostly about giving and sharing, no matter how much you have. You can always share sleeping space,  a thought, your friends, give a present and many more. For me it is the best example of a giving and sharing community which unites the people all over the world. And you don’t need to travel in order to experiance it. People are definitely going to come to your place as well. Hosting is as much nice as surfing. Somehow even better, because hosting is more like giving and giving is always better than obtaining 🙂 And there are always some nice meetings, events and so on going on at couch surfing. You can never feel alone and without friends if you are in the CS community. You can always just go to the next CS-er in your city and win another friend and have fun. Yes, CS is about fun as well. And about happiness. And feeling the joy of life. And they always come, when you do couch surfing, because giving and sharing makes everyone happy.

In my blog I’ll start to write about my great experiances with CS. Their are so great and so many that I have to share them. I feel the joy of it and have to share it with everyone. So what about start meeting people, their friends, their culture? What about start feeling at home when experiencing a great travel? What about start feeling the joy of life and a real giving and sharing life?