Hosting – that’s Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is not about surfing someone’s place. It’s much more about hosting. It’s about being invited to share someone’s flat and to share your as well. Couch Surfing is what it is because of the hosting and not because of the surfing. It so great, because there are all those great hosts, who open their flats and houses for complete strangers. Hosting (and Couch Surfing) is open for everyone, but you have to be especially open-minded and loving person in order to let complete strangers at your home. And exactly that makes CS so great. The host are real people with their different destinies, but all united by the unique open-mindedness and free spirit. All of them feeling love to his next and letting him/her enter in their sacred home.

There is a Bulgarian saying – “My home is my castle”. So let’s open our castles for all those travelling mates, who want to experience the world and to meet new people and cultures. Let’s host and be hospitable. It’s a nice inner experience to share your flat with a stranger. Actually the guest is a stranger only before entering the front door. After that it always turns out that he/she is a friend. Sometimes even a best friend. A dear guest you wanted to meet, that finally came at your home. A guest that brings you part of the world in your own house. A unique travelling experience at home. But it’s not like in a movie. It’s real. You host and give a place to stay and show your own culture and the surfer brings you part of the world in your home.

When I host, I’m always very happy to meet all those interesting people travelling around – with a mission, for fun, because of the job or just to meet new friends. As a surfer I always have the feeling that I have to give something back. To give something back for the hospitality, for the unique cultural experience. There are many ways to give back – make a small gift as a guest or invite for a dinner or help with the house work. There is always something, that you can do. You can always give something back. 🙂