The Revenge of the Nature

I like nature a lot and use almost all of my spare time to enjoy its beauty. It inspires me, gives me new energy and makes me happy. Last weekend I had a great 25 km walk in Black Forest from Langenbrand through Kaltenbronn to Bad Wildbad. I love this mountain, although it is sometimes really severe. In summer it is raining a lot there (3 times more than it is usual for this part of Germany) and in winter it is cold and windy. It happens quite often that on the highest peak in Black Forest – Feldberg, on almost 1500m it is colder than on the highest peak in the German Alps – Zugspitze, on almost 3000m. This time it was about -10 at about 1000m altitude, again very cold and there was no sun, but no wind as well. So it was quite ok. There was a lot of snow and almost no one in the mountain. So I was happy to experience the silence of the winter nature. Everything was great till I saw this human “influence”:

They were building a road through the mountain or widening an old one. I don’t know it exactly, but it was a total destruction of the wood. And I’m not sure that they need this way. There are so many other roads in this area near Bad Wildbad! And there were a disgusting smell all around. Nevertheless, I kept going and just a moment later I’ve seen this:

A whole concrete mixer has turned over from the road middle in the wood. I thought that this must be the revenge of the nature, being unhappy that we destroy it. I hope that the driver is ok. The truck lies in a steep slope, so it is pretty dangerous for the hikers and especially for the houses in the valley. In order to protect them, they bound it on a tree and put a solid metal fence above the houses:

As you can imagine, in order doing this, they destroyed even more from the forest. And now it can become dangerous for everyone, because the slope is very steep and without enough trees on it, a landslide can occur. This is a typical example how we enter in a devil’s cycle. We destroy nature and in order to repair the problems, we destroy even more. The same is with the climate change, the use of pesticides, floods and everywhere, where humans don’t act according the unwritten laws of nature. I’d rather prefer that we don’t destroy anything. It is always possible to find a solution that suits our society and technical demand on one side and nature on the other side.