The Long Way to Heathy Food Habits and Happiness

At first all the rules I follow:

1. no chemicals in food
2. organic food
3. regional food
4. no meat and animal products
5. seasonal food
6. raw food
7. don’t mix food types, eat apart
8. no processed food
9. eat slowly with appreciation, love and happiness
10. don’t eat too much (no more than 1,2 per day)
11. eat 3-4 times a day in regular times – breakfast after 9, lunch before 13, dinner before 19.
12. collecting food from the nature, buying directly from the producers or from some good regional organic stores.

About four years ago I’ve read an article about all those chemical additives we consume with our food. The so called Es. There are some lists with them in Internet, for example this one. I was scared from this information. Let’s take E252 (potassium nitrate) as an example. This is one of the most common preservatives. You can find it almost everywhere. And it’s deadly by very small amounts. You are sure not going to die from the food which contains it, but it definitely contaminates you.

Another great example is the orthophenylphenol (known also as 2-phenylphenol and o-phenylphenol), used as a preservative for oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. They just smear it on the peel. And it is instantly absorbed by your hands and goes in the blood. And you can’t wash it away. When I read about it I used to work in a chemical company, so I asked about this substance and they told me that we work with this chemical in our company as well, but it is very dangerous, so when more than 4mg of it comes contaminates some area, everyone is evacuated till they clear the spot. And we eat absorb this with our hands! And it comes into our mouth as well.

So, as you can easily understand, I’ve decided to stop eat anything that has some chemical additives in eat. And I started for the first time in my life to be interested in food and what we really eat. As a next step I’ve discovered the organic food. It’s much more delicious and has no chemicals in it. So it is much healthier as well. But soon I’ve discovered that this is not enough as well. You may eat organic, but if it comes from a greenhouse or from the other end of the world, then it is definitely not ecological. So my next step was to start to eat as much as possible regional food.

The next “problem” was meat. I used to adore meat. A meal without meat was not a meal for me. I ate at least two times per day meat. But soon I’ve discovered many good reasons to stop:

1. It’s not healthy, because it is death stuff and contains the information of death, so the body must fight against meat in order to survive. So it does not give you energy, but takes you energy away
2. We kill all those animals
3. In the Bible it is written that we have to eat all grasses and fruits which give seeds. But how can we survive then? Well, even a lion managed to survive eating only grass. I’ve read a story about a lion, which ate its whole life only grass and lived for many years.
4. The biggest part of the crop production comes for the developing countries and goes directly for our slaughter animals. And the people in these countries have no crops to eat and die from hunger. That’s a bad distribution because of meat consumption.
5. On the other side, people in the developing countries want to eat meat as well, because we always say that meat is cool. And they decide to have their own cows in the desert for example. But for the production of one kg of cow meat you need 16 000 litres of water. And they don’t have so much water there. A local crop does not need so much water.
6. The cows are the biggest producer of greenhouse gases which create the global warming we all already can feel.

I suppose there are some more reasons not to eat meat, but this is enough for me. It took me two years before I can stop. I started to eat less and less and before two years I’ve stopped completely (I still eat meet when I’m doing CS and I’m invited for a dinner or if I want to try something local when I travel. But these are some special cases and they are really seldom).

I wanted to try to stop even all animal products. The only animal products I used to eat where eggs, cheese, yoghurt and honey. I had no problem to stop the first two of them. Actually, exactly as with meat, when I’m travelling I always try some regional cheese, bread, wine and honey. These are the products which can tell you most about the culture of a country or a region. Stopping the youghurt does not worked, because I’ve started to develop some kind of allergy, because I had not enough bifidus and lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria supply, which are both very important. So I started again with yoghurt. Shortly, I’ve discovered that rosa buds and leaves as well as hips are a good alternative, so I’m trying this now. I still eat honey because I could not find till now a good natural substitution for it.

After stopping meat and animal products I’ve started to eat mostly seasonal food. It is quite difficult actually. I’ve went even further and started to eat only raw food. That’s complicated as well, but it’s really great. The taste and the energy you obtain are much more than by cooked food. If you already think that this list is long enough and there are no other things to improve, you are not right. šŸ˜‰

I’ve started to eat apart. This means that I’m not mixing different kind of foods together. This gave me again a great feeling of freedom and energy. But still, you can do even more. It is not only important what you eat, but when you eat it, how much you eat and how you eat it. Nowadays I eat no more than 1,2kg per day, eat slowly and with full appreciation and love towards what I eat. And with happiness that I always have something to eat. I eat 3-4 times a day, normally the following diet: for breakfast crop seeds soaked in water with some honey, as a second breakfast some nuts, for lunch fruits and for dinner vegetables. And shortly before going to bed some tea and a little honey. It helps a lot to sleep well.

Eating times are also very important. The body regenerates the digestion organs and system between 5-9, 13-15 and 19-21, so these are bad times to eat. To eat after 21, shortly before going to bed is not good as well.

The last step was to stop with processed food at all. This means to stop with oil, vinegar and wine. Oil is very easy to substitute – you can always take some olives or the seeds you press. Vinegar can be substituted with lemons ot with different fruits (mostly apples) who start to be little unsound. Wine can be substituted of course with grapes, but also some other fruits like aronia or even with a lot of different herb teas.

As a conclusion I can say that I feel much better, I have much more energy, I am always in a good mood, I think faster, I achieve more in my job and I am happy. Good that I’ve started this experiment. It became the normal eating style and gave a completely new perspective of life, a better one.

At end, you may ask how I manage to find the products I need. The first thing I do is self collecting from the mother nature. The second is to buy directly from the producers, mostly directly from the field. And my last choice are the local organic stores. In the choice of the stores I’m always strictly orientating myself by proving if they are part of the Bio Kodex. In Karlsruhe I’m buying from FĆ¼llhorn Biomarkt and Sonnenblume Durlach. A good source of further information is Schrot und Korn.