How to Make the Best of Your Studies and Erasmus

Maybe all of you have already heard about the Erasmus Programme for student exchange in Europe and maybe many of you already done a term abroad with this programme. I’ve studied abroad, but at the same place. When I turn back, I’m really happy with what I’ve studied and how I managed my studies. And I’m definitely not happy with the German university education system and with the Technical University of Darmstadt were I’ve studied. There is a whole film about the studies at the TU Darmstadt – 13 Semester. (in German). It’s actually a really good university with great research, one of the best in Germany, but the teaching is miserable and not to talk about the bureaucracy. However there is only one thing I really miss in my studies: I didn’t make an Erasmus term abroad.

As a “normal”, not Erasmus, student you have always some problems to find a place to live, to find a job in order to finance your life and studies and so on. And you have always little time for going out, travelling and hobbies. At least I’ve managed to travel a lot in Germany and to obtain a deeply knowledge in the German culture and social system. But I was always a little jealous of the Erasmus students. They usually obtain some money, a place to live and are not really supposed to learn, but to have fun and experience the education system and culture of the guest country. Or they come to learn the language. And most of them do nothing but having fun, parties and travelling around. That’s not bad. It’s totally nice. And if you even manage to get some credit point for your studies than it is even better. But you can do more than that. You can even get some job and learn about the job market and habits in the country. You can get a good overview of the social and cultural traditions.

But there are some students who have even more creativity and do really the best of an Erasmus term abroad. I’ve recently met a young Bulgarian entrepreneur who was on an Erasmus in Germany. He had a really exact vision of what he wants to achieve with this term. He not only managed to get a lot of credit points, but he got a deep experience in the German society. He studied how the university and schools function, how Germany creates innovation and how the society works. He inspired me a lot with his point of view and what he managed to see and do in such a short period. He inspired me also to write a short article about alternative schools, which will follow in shortly.