First Spring Days in Baden

We have almost three months of cold winter weather and darkness yet. But in the last days it is much warmer and the day is longer, so I get up early and enjoy the walk or the run to my office with my Five Fingers. It seems that the spring is there. The first spring flowers are already blossoming or preparing for it.

It is an interesting mixture because the old brown leaves, some fruits and even some blossoms from the last summer and autumn still can be seen around. The nature just starts to wake up from the winter sleep. New life emerges from the death.

Yesterday I’ve even noticed that the bear’s garlic (Deutsch: Bärlauch, Български: левурда) comes out from the ground. This is the first eatable plant, which grows in spring. It has the smell and taste of garlic, but looks different. It is called bear’s garlic, because when the bears wake up from their winter sleep, it’s the first thing that they eat. And it is not only the first, but one of the healthiest things you can eat. It absorbs and cleans mercury and other heavy metals from the body and is a strong natural medicine. I was very happy to see that it already grows, because I collect a lot of it in early spring, dry it and have some of it the whole year. Today I’ve managed to collect half bag of it. But be careful if you don’t recognise it, because if you collect some other plant, they may be poisonous.

Soon nettle and some other plants are coming as well. I can’t wait. Nothing tastes better than fresh young spring plants. Spring is really great.