National Park Eifel or How to Make Dreams Happen

I have a lot of dreams. Everyone has a lot of dreams. I’m continuously realising all of them one after the other. Everyone can as well. But it was not always like this with me. There was a time when I lost my dreams. It was a time of aims only. A studying, job, love and other personal aims. But an aim is not like a dream. Even robots can have aims, but only people can have dreams. An aim have to be realistic, sometimes with deadline and you know exactly what to do in order to achieve it. It makes you feel good and happy when achieved. But it can’t make you feel fulfilled and it can’t make you feel so much energy and so much love as a dream. And after achieving an aim you normally automatically concentrated on the next one. Aim after aim, task after task, like a robot, with no feelings. And that is the worst thing that can happen. I’ve already experienced it and I’m definitely not going to forget my dreams anymore. Kids have always a lot of dreams, but they start to forget them progressively with their age. We just get stuck in the society and it’s norms. And our society concentrates on the aims, not on the dreams. Adults are not supposed to have dreams. If we want to develop our society further we have to rethink and change this. If you look around, you’ll see that the most successful people are these, who have dreams. And it’s not only Martin Luther King with his “I have a dream”, but everyone who is successful.

Dreams do not have to be realistic. You don’t need to know how you will achieve it or when. But that does not matter. Important is that you believe in this dream. Completely! With your whole mind, heart, feelings, body. This is enough to make it happen. While looking for a job some years ago I had almost no dreams left, but still I had some. One of them was a really simple one – I wanted to visit the National Park Eifel. For me this is the most beautiful national park in Germany and one of the most beautiful in Europe. I discovered a nice initiative of Commerzbank – Praktikum für die Umwelt (Engl. Internship for the Environment) which gives students the possibility to work for some months in the national parks of Germany. I wanted so much to go to the National Park Eifel that I’ve been applying for four years, but had no luck 🙂 The aim to work there was spoiled, but my dream was not.

Later I completely forgot about this dream. But I started to want to work for the Commerzbank because of some nice things doing. And landed on the Career Ship Well, I had the aim to work for the Commerzbank and to take part in this event, but I achieved only the second. It was great to be on the career ship, but I know now that I was there because it was my dream to make the whole journey from Mainz to Cologne with a ship on the Rhine River. And not because of the aim to work for the Commerzbank. Now I know that I’ll never work for such bank and I’m very happy with my sustainable banks GLS, Triodos and Merkur. But as you can see, the dream always happens when you believe in it and the aim not, because you don’t have to believe in it and normally you don’t. So it is important to believe in your dreams.

Well, I forgot my dream to visit the Eifel, but my belief was still unconsciously with me. Some years later I found a very interesting job in Aachen, which is near Eifel. It turned out to be not a good job for me, so I left only 6 months later, but I was almost every weekend in Eifel and was very happy. Now I’m not missing Aachen at all, but I’m missing Eifel and I visit it whenever I have the opportunity to do so. It turned out that once again a dream happened. It was because of this dream that I found a job in Aachen. I think that there are no coincidences. These have their logic and appear always at the right place and time in order to fulfil a dream. We only have to start to notice them and to understand their meaning in order to make our next dream happen.