Let’s Clean the World as sLOVEnia Done

A great Slovenian friend of mine just send me this video:

I can say only one thing – great, great, great. I was in Slovenia exactly one month ago and can definitely tell you, that this is a clean country. What is here more exciting is that the people just gather together and cleaned big parts of their country. The scale is enormous! And we don’t have to stop with Slovenia, but go further and clean our own countries as well! Clean the whole world and don’t wait for the decisions of the policy makers. Just act. Let’s do it world!

And if you don’t act in such a big scale, it is still good to act. It is always good to clean some trash you see on the streets, in the nature and so on. Of course, it is much better to stop to create trash at all. It is possible! Since I’m not a big consumer and I’m buying almost nothing than food and clothes, when I’ve started to eat regional and organic food I managed to reduce my trash more than 90%! So it is easy and it is much more important not to create trash at all. If we don’t stop comsuming so much and creating so much trash, we will be never able to get rid of it, no matter what methods we use and how much we clean. So not creating rubbish is more important than cleaning trash, but there are at least two very important points about cleaning trash:

1. Even if we stop creating trash, there is already enough trash we have to clean.

2. The positive example of cleaning trash is really like flu and infects everyone who has seen it. Nowadays I’m taking sometimes (aim is to do it always and to infect more people is a dream) a bag with me and collecting some trash on the way. Or I’m doing this while waiting for a bus or train. But mostly when I’m outside in the nature and hike somewhere where no one is collecting trash and it stays there for years. But what’s more interesting is how I’ve started. I’ve used to live in Germany for a long time and here there are many old people collecting trash when they have nothing else to do. This hasn’t infected me for years, but after I’ve seen a 7 years old boy, who was waiting alone for a bus on the stop and was collecting the trash, something changed in me immediately. This small child does this without someone urging him to do it? So he was completely sure and enthusiastic in what he was doing. At this age? We are creating the trash and our children shall collect it? That’s not fair. I’m not going to spoil the world and let my kids collect trash because they have no other choice!