Completely Individual Travels

Nowadays the people in the western world have mostly the money and the possibilities to travel everywhere they want. But the travel agencies are offering only the same standard things – flight (or bus or train) and a bed in a hotel (or holiday house). You can choose between beach, some sports, hiking, safari and some cultural or gourmet activities if you like. And that’s it all. And I sometimes use 6-7 types of transportation only on one single day while travelling. Or have done more than 20 different activities in one single day. But this is only possible because I never go to travel agencies and do my own programme. And every single experienced traveller does this alone as well. From the first detail to the last detail. You may think that this is too much work. Yes, it is a lot of work, but after you have learn how to do it, it takes not so much time, even if you know nothing about the place where you are going to.

So the agencies can actually offer much more. And the travellers will have a much bigger choice. But it is not so cheap for the big travel agencies to offer more possibilities and it is too complicated and too much work for the small ones in order to do so. So there is a lack of choice in this business area. There is a whole blue ocean of very personal travel services which can be exploited. How about having your personal travel agency, which knows your interests very exactly and can always offer you something new and different which exactly suits your needs? As the doctor can give you the exact medicine you need. At first you have to tell your travel agency more about you, your experiences and your interests. There can be some type of standard document with a big variety of alternatives, places, ways of travel, price segments and so on from which you can choose and them the travel agent can give you an advice what, where and when you can do. When you once decide, the travel agent can prepare everything for you and if you like he or she can even travel with you and show you everything.

Here there are some activities you can’t so easily find in travel agencies – a hitch hiking trip, a couch surfing trip, a home exchange holiday, guided tour in your own city, hike at night and so on. And what is even more complicated to find are the different combinations of all those possible activities. Because a mixture of only activities you like is much better than a random mixture of activities most people normally like.

So what about realizing this business idea with us? If you want to start such business, don’t hesitate to contact us.