Fifth Trash Cleaning Weeks in Karlsruhe

When we hike with friends in the nature, we started always to have some bags with us to collect some trash. And now I’ve seen that the city of Karlsruhe starts a nice initiative to collect some trash in Karlsruhe and to make our city cleaner. And this for fifth consecutive year! I will definitely do this.

Here there is more imformation in German.

You can subscribe here.

Everyone who wants can take part. You will obtain some hand shoes and tongs in order co can collect the trash easier. The campaign starts on 01.03.2011 and ends 14.05.2001. And you have to say which area you are going to clean. I’m going to collect the trash mostly on the way to my work, so it will be in Oberwald. On the weekend it will be wherever I’m hiking.

So, see you cleaning Karlsruhe. 😉 Of course you can do this in your own city and without campaign as well.