Make Your Own Salad

When I go to restaurants I have almost always some small choice of possible salads I can order. But often I don’t really like this choice or I don’t like some of the ingredients. And when you say that you want this salad without this or with that, it starts to be complicated and in the end it is highly possible that you don’t obtain exactly what you want.

Only once I’ve had a really big and nice choice – it was in one really special salad restaurant in Aix en Provence, one of the gourmet top places in the world. There the problem was to choice which one of all those lovely 50 salads I want to take … we were three people and we’ve chosen three different salads and all of them were great.

So, a business idea for restaurants is to give another possibility to the customers – let them choose exactly the products which they want to have inside their salad. Basically, everyone can do his/her own salad.

But there is one much more important thing about salads. The vinegar and the oils you put inside are even more important. And the last, but most significant thing, as with cooking in general are the spices and herbs you put inside. So, the real job of the chief is exactly this. This is a job which can’t be done from the customers normally. They can only say that they don’t like some spice or herb or that they prefer this type of spices or that type. The exact mixture is the real art of cooking.

This business idea can be used for some other types of dishes as well. Basically it is a simple step towards more individual service. This is what normally does not exist nowadays and it is so important for small businesses.