The Dangerous Pills and the Isolation of Disabled People Today

In Germany you can quite often notice some disabled people with really small arms. They seem completely healthy, but their arms are very small and seem quite atrophied. I was always wondering why there are so many such people. Recently I’ve understood that there was a pill against sleeplessness, that when taken from pregnant women, causes exactly this problem – many of the babies of these women have such atrophied arms. Can you imagine? You just take some pill against sleeplessness and then you have a baby with disability. It was a big problem some 40 years ago, because most of the women wasn’t informed about this side effect and the pill was really popular. So be careful when you take pills.

This was the first shock for the families with such children. The next shock was even bigger. The government made everything possible to conceal this problem and to make people forget about it. They even took some such children from their parents and put them in some special schools so no one can see these disabled kids. Thus these otherwise normal kids were completely isolated from the society. This is a typical example how the laws, the government and some other interested parties act. They are not doing the best for the society and the people, but the best for their policies.

The story goes further because these are not the only people being isolated since they are born. Almost all disabled people are being isolated, no matter what their disability is. Thus it is extremely difficult for them to get healthy. They just get used to be discriminated and to see only some other disabled people. Thus we don’t even give them the chance to get healthy. The labour policies for such people are in law very friendly, but actually they still don’t have the same chances to get a job. But that seems to be normal for a country where even the women have not the same chances as men. The problem lies of course not in the disabled people or in the women, but in the men, in us. We have to change this!