Don’t Throw Food Away!

When I was a child my parents always said to me that I’m not supposed to throw food away. It’s like a big sin for me to do this. Even more when I see who many people have nothing to eat. I’m always eating everything in my plate and throwing nothing away.

But the food stores are doing this! They throw away every day big amounts of food. And there are some food regulations and Germany that say that they can’t just give this food to someone. It is possible, but it is too complicated for them and it comes to be too expensive, so they prefer to throw away. The baps from the morning are at 13:00 already thrown away. We just throw away food (we don’t give it even to animals) while some people suffer. There is something wrong with this system.

I had a couch surfer you used to make a Europe trip with his bicycle. He used to eat only thrown away food from the bins of some stores. And this was really ok. I’ve ate from his stuff and everything was really fresh. They throw away everything before it expires. If some product has two years durability, they just throw it always some 6 months before that in order to show the customer that all of their products are fast sold out.

I would like to start to eat from the bins of these stores and to make more people do this. In this way they will definitely stop to throw food away.