Why We Need the Differences

People are different. I like to say this. And a like the differences a lot. These differences make the whole humanity so viable and great. Very often people do not really understand how important differences are. Only through these differences we can continue developing and improving and make the best we are capable of. Differences and variety are very important everywhere in the nature. But there are horizontal and vertical differences. Horizontal differences are the day and the night, the summer and the winter for example and we need both of them. And vertical differences are bad and good, wise and stupid and so on. These are differences we don’t necessary need, this is the direction in which we can improve. We can always become better. The existence of vertical differences is only good in order for us to see, that we can improve further. But there can be an ideal world without this vertical differences. A great world where everyone is good and wise and so on! This will be definitely achieved some day. I’m looking forward to it.

I often hear statements like: “All people are the same. It does not matter where you come from, what do you do and what colour of the skin you have”. Yes, it does not matter, but we are not the same. We have the same rights as human beings, but we are not the same. I’ve been travelling a lot in Europe and people are very different from country to country, from city to city and that’s so nice. These are horizontal differences which we need and which are so great. I love people exactly because they are different than me. If everyone was the same, it could have been very boring.

On the other side, we can be very similar as human beings and it is always nice to explore these similarities together with the differences. We need both of them. As we need not only the things around us, but the nothing in between. The things are as important as the nothing between the things. The world nowadays tries to melt down the differences, which is not good. That’s why I’m always defending them. The similarities give us the feeling, that we are a part of something bigger, that we belong together, but the differences give us the motivation to keep going, to keep developing. They make it possible for us to explore the world and to find the meaning of the things.