With a Snake in the Bag at the Frankfurt Airport

It was a Friday evening in the beginning of December and as quite typical for me, I was heading towards terminal B of the Frankfurt Airport. I was going for the weekend to Budapest. I’d never been to Hungary and wanted to visit the city in the time before Christmas. Normally I’m quite early on the airport and wait for some hours before boarding. Thus I have no stress, can read a book or the press and speak with some people. It’s my way to forget fully the week and everything else and to concentrate only on my travel. But this time I was quite late, because of some train delays to the airport.

If there is something that I hate at the airports, thеn it’s the security check. I think that it is completely unnecessary. If some terrorist likes to shoot an airplane in the air, he can always do it. There are so many easy possibilities to do it. You just have to be creative. I feel always like a prisoner, like a bad guy and like a terrorist at the security check. If you have dark eyes, dark skin and dark hair as I have, then you are supposed to be a potential terrorist and are checked more carefully.

This time I was in a hurry and wanted to go through as fast as possible. Everything was ok, but they scanned my bag several times. I’ve said them that I’m in a hurry and I can open it and show that I have nothing dangerous in it. I’ve started to get nervous and to list all the things that can be the problem. But they kept saying nothing and call some other guys with big guns and kept waiting and scanning. I was getting more than angry. At the end they said that I have a snake in the bag. From being angry I started to laugh immediately. Yes, I had a snake in the bag, but it was a wooden ABC puzzle snake. I was visiting a couch surfing family with small kid in Budapest and bought this as a present. I’ve never thought that they can see the form of the wood. And they thought that I have a real snake in my bag. It’s actually quite typical, because a lot of people try to import or export animals. Well they know now at the security check at least that I’m not exporting snakes. I only have to get rid of the opinion that I’m a terrorist.