Start the Right Business at the Right Place

When you start some business it is not only important what do you start, when do you start it, with whom and how do you start it, but also where do you start it? Have you ever asked yourself why some inventions come from one region and other from another one? I think that the cultural, natural and other region specific traditions and developments play an important role in the personal development and are a very important factor for the direction people choose and businesses they start.

On the other hand side, most people live at some place and want to start some business, but do not know what exactly to start, because they have too many ideas or because they have no ideas at all. My business idea is to study the traditions and current developments in some region and propose people from this region to start new businesses based not only on their own interests, but also on these investigations. Thus it is much more possible that these businesses will work and will be sustainable in the chosen area. It is especially important to do this in areas with a lot of unemployed people and problems. It’s an aspect often missed by the job agencies. Most of them don’t even concentrate on the business chances, but only try to find the right people for the right place in the right company.

We would like to build a consulting company, which concentrates on the person and the area and surveys all kinds of opportunities for this person in this area. Thus we put the stress on what we can create and not where we can fit in the existing structures. We should thing of existing structures as models which we can use, but which we can changes as well in order to create better ones.