Visit People and Get to Know Them

Goethe once said: “We learn new people not when they visit us, but when we visit them” In order to deeply understand the people you have to visit them and see how they live, what they do and what they think. That’s actually exactly what happens when I’m couch surfing. I love to do it, but I’m mostly doing it abroad or in some far parts of Germany. When we think about couch surfing at our home, we think more or less about guests or some meetings, events and so on. This is actually a good starting point, but it does not really seem enough. We have through couch surfing finally the opportunity to visit each other’s homes and to get to know each other. And this not only far away, but directly in the area where we live, next door to us.

Nowadays there are so many people travelling, we all want to experience the world and to meet different people, to see beautiful places, to understand more about cultures. But we don’t really know ourselves and our neighbours next door. We live in a global world and we often forget the local people who live next door. That’s very pity, because we do not use the opportunity to understand ourselves and our society well enough. Of course, when we travel we learn most about ourselves, but we can learn a lot when we just look around.

The greatest politicians and personalities used to visit the people in their own country, area and city. They used to know exactly what people need, because they have the contact with people. This can help not only politicians but ordinary people in their everyday life as well.

I’m writing this post, because I’ve decided to start to do couch surfing next door. I would like to use the opportunity not only to make new friends and meet new people, but also to understand how people are in my own area.