The Gipsy – What Can We Learn About Them and About Us

The Gipsy are always on the way, always travelling from nowhere to nowhere. Rolling down the roads without any special aim, only for the rolling. Concentrating entirely on the way and not on the destination. Concentrating on the life here and now. Concentrating on just being happy without thinking about the past and about the future. Just living and being happy because they live. Even there national hymn starts with “Gelem, gelem” – travelling, travelling and tells about the endless travels and happiness of the Gipsy people. Travelling is their lifestyle.

But why they don’t want to settle down as other nations? Why tell are so different that they always want to travel and never stop? Why other people are building houses and staying where there are and Gipsy people are destroying their own houses and moving again soon or later? We have to look back in the history of their tribe. It was not always like this. Because of being Gipsy, because of having a different lifestyle, they were always casted out and persecuted, from everyone and from everywhere. Sometimes they managed to settle down somewhere, but they were forced again to move. After thousands of years living on the road and always moving, it became their lifestyle. And now it seems that they can’t stop anymore and they don’t want to, because it has become part of their own identity.

But why do most people don’t like Gipsy? Why almost all countries in the world don’t want them and force them to go away? Why does this happen even nowadays? Even in developed countries like France, where there are so many foreigners and basically all of them are welcome. Why even France does not want the Gipsy people. What’s wrong with them, so that we don’t want them? Or to state the right question – what’s wrong with us, so that we don’t want them? If we don’t want them it means that there is something wrong with us as well and not only with them.

When do we cast out people from our society? The answer is simple – when they don’t pass in it and when they don’t want to accept everything in our society. We cast out not only Gipsy, but disabled, lateral thinkers and many more which are just different than we are. We build some societies and call them normal and everyone who does not fit in the boundaries of the normality is “not normal” and “crazy” and have to act as normal in order to be accepted or have to go. It used to be like this and it is still like this. We do not appreciate the differences, we do not live them, we do not accept them. Most people are not strong enough to go their own way and start being “normal”. The Gipsy prefer to stay authentic and be as they are. “United in diversity” is the motto of the European Union. It’s the sacred mission of the European Union. It must be the sacred way of the whole mankind.

When do we cast out people from our society? There is another answer as well – when we see in them things we don’t like about ourselves. When we are afraid, that we have to change. When we are afraid to see our weak points and to start changing them. Gipsy people are not perfect at all. They have a lot of bad national characteristics and habits which are easy to be seen. And they do not necessary want to change them; they do not necessary want to improve and to make their life better. They like it as it is. We see this, we feel this. And we know that we are not much better. But we don’t want to act as well. We prefer to stay where we are and to cast the Gipsy out. So no one can see so easily out own problems. And when you can’t see any problems, then there are no problems. Or at least why always try to think like this, to find an excuse not to act, not to improve, not to change.

Gipsy are so hated because being authentic and happy, because they know how to have fun and live for the moment, here and now, everywhere and always. We can learn this from them. We have to love them because they show us this and let us think about ourselves. While the Gipsy are always moving, we have to move as well. Not necessary in space, but in mind. We have to forget the boundaries we’ve created and to improve freely and start to live our dreams.