Internalise Wishes and Be Happy

What do you do with the wishes you receive for the New Year or for your birthday? I’m very happy when I receive nice wishes, but I often forget them after that. People wish me something from their whole heart and make me happy, but only for a short time, because I tend to forget the wishes soon. Last year I decided to change this and wrote down all the wishes I’ve received and I’m reading them from time to time in order not to forget them and internalise them. After internalising them, it will be very easy to make them happen. I feel how I’m starting to live these wishes. Most of them are my dreams as well.

Here the whole list of wishes I’ve receive for the New Year:

1. healthy
2. journeys
3. love
4. long life
5. happiness
6. fulfilled dreams
7. success
8. smiles
9. the new year to be always better than the last one
10. be in merry mood
11. much luck
12. be blessed
13. unforgettable moments
14. have a nice time
15. joy
16. enlightenment
17. be shining
18. a lot of inspirations
19. new ideas
20. creativity
21. new acquaintances
22. nice datings
23. unexpected positive surprises
24. goodness
25. kindness
26. open mindedness
27. warmth
28. never ending celebration occasions
29. freedom
30. peace
31. keep going
32. excitements
33. great mood all the time
34. wise thoughts
35. optimism
36. go forward
37. cheerfulness
38. nice job
39. adventures
40. friends
41. feel well
42. faith
43. strength
44. energy
45. zeal
46. will
47. … and all the best