The Different Universities

Education is an important theme today and will become even more important. But most people still obtain their education in the “classical” way. Though there are many alternatives which are really inspiring and give us a good notion of how education will look like in the next decades. The generations are changing and the education is changing with them. Here some different universities and courses:

1. Leuphana University Lüneburg There you have more or less the freedom to choose your curriculum. The education there is quite practical. There are courses like Business & Biodiversity, Behavioural Development, Blended Learning, Interculturality, Sustainability & Gender Relations, Identity in the Internet, Climate Change & Tourism, Feedback Instruments, Theatre, Visual Narrative Forms.

2. HPI School of Design Thinking There you can learn how to start the process of innovation through collaboration in space, process and between different disciplines. The idea of such Schools seems to be quite well accepted, because there is already a new one – The School of Entrepreneurial Design Thinking.

3. Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences There you can learn from Business Management and Architecture to Painting, Drama, Eurhythmy and Early Childhood Education. More important is that the methods of learning are based on the anthroposophy and are human centred. This means that a broad range of skills are taught in order to enable a strong personal development. The main focus lies

on the inter-disciplinary arts-based training that offers deep social engagement as well as creative and personal inspiration

This will make you successful in every area of life.

4. International M.Sc. in Strategic Innovation and Future Creation This course of The Edward de Bono Institute at the University of Malta, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Potsdam, the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, and the Teesside Business School have four very inspiring modules – Creativity and Idea Generation, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Foresight / Futures Studies.

5. The Knowmads The programme is that there is no programme and the plan is to do it without a plan. The students are deciding by themselves what they want to do and what they need to learn in order to achieve it. The aim is to create a life-long learning community. The emphasis is on Entrepreneurship and New Business Design, Social Innovation and Sustainability, Marketing & Creativity, (Personal) Leadership, (International) Project Design and Process Design.

6. KaosPilot School. The purpose of the KaosPilots is

positive social change through personal growth

There you can learn by doing the following: Creative Enterprising Design, Creative Project Design, Creative Process Design and Creative Leadership Design. The key values are learning streetwise, by taking risk, be in balance, feel compassion, practical in the real world and just play.

7. Peer 2 Peer University As they say, it’s a

Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything

There are three different schools – The School of Social Innovation, School of the Mathematical Future and School of Webcraft The variety is not only enormous, but everything is open and free. It’s a completely new way of life-long learning and education. It is not only free, easy, with high quality, but also open, collaborative and it will even get certified! Here is a small video about it.

8. Khan Academy or we can better call it a one man show. The founder Khan just decided to put a video on different educational topics in internet and it was so well accepted that he build alone a whole university. And there are already more than 40 million video views! Everything is of course for free, but it will be good to spend some money in order to help him progress with this huge work. This is an example that not only the education is changing, but that a single man can change the whole world for a better. Do it as well! You can! Here a small inspirational video about him and what he has done.

9. And at the end – there is even the possibility to obtain an education in being a professional citizen with the Professional Citizen Programme of the HfG Karlsruhe (web page only in German). The idea is to obtain more knowledge about how our society works, which can help us a lot to cope with our everyday life. In this programme you can learn subjects, that you can’t learn anywhere else. You can normally learn all those only from your practical experience. There are general lectures about our culture and society, but also about our consumer behaviour, our health care system, our religion and even how to be a good recipient of what happens in our society.

Hope you are totally inspired by those possibilities. And be aware that there are even more than those.