Afterwork Fitness from Heidelberg to Königstuhl with Chia and Vibram

Yesterday I’ve decide to meet some friends in the beautiful old city of Heidelberg. Heidelberg is situated directly on the Neckar River and between the hills of Odenwald. I have one very favourite route there – it’s a very steep stairs path from the old castle to Königstuhl – the highest peak above Heidelberg. this path is called the Himmelsleiter. It means in English – stairs to the sky. There are more than 1200 stairs and they are so steep, so they definitely look like stairs to the sky. Here is the path and from here you can get more information in German about it.

So, as you can understand, I couldn’t miss this place ;). And I decided to combine it with even more pleasure – I’ve ran up and down the path. Recently I’ve discovered the power chia seeds which the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico use in order to have power to run hundreds of kilometres in the mountains. As you may already know, I like to run and walk barefoot, but it was still too cold for me, so I’ve chosen the Vibram Five Fingers KSO model. It was very easy to run down with them, because I’ve felt every single stone. I’m not quite sure if the chia seeds worked for me, but I’m going to experiment with them further. I had to eat additional stuff. I suppose I’ve ate not enough from them and it was some 8 hours earlier, so they couldn’t help me a lot.

But never the less – if you like to have a short, but a really nice fitness experience, visit the Himmelsleiter. You will be happy with your decision. I was even luckier, because there was a magnificent sunset at Königstuhl. And down from the castle gardens, there was again a nice view above the red roofs of the houses of Heidelberg. Moments that last seconds, but that you never forget!