Inspiration Walk in Heidelberg

Yesterday I had a small walk in the city centre of Heidelberg and would like to share with you my impressions of the city. The first impression was a negative one – the souvenir shops on the market place are situated directly in the church. I’ve automatically had to think about the merchants in the synagogue and the bible. It seems that nothing changed since those times. Our mind seems to be still blocked with old commercial centred thinking. But it’s not. The church and the merchants around it are part of the past. As the old castle over the city is. The truth in modern Heidelberg is much better and very positive. Here are some examples which make look very optimistic in the future:

1. Multi-culti – Heidelberg is very multi-culti. I’ve managed to hear at least 10 european languages in 10 minutes and 10 other languages at the same time. And this multi-culti society is not based only on the tourists and the students.

2. open Book Sharing at the Neugasse street. There is a storage rack directly on the street and there were at least 200 books on the shelves. You can take every book you like. It’s for free. The only condition is that you put another book instead.

3. Füllhorn Biomarkt I think that the Füllhorn Biomarkt is the best local (hope that it will be soon not only local) organic food chain in Germany and this one is the biggest I’ve ever seen. They have not only a big variety of products, but even warm cuisine with daily press, organic tobacco and different sustainable magazines.

4. Lebe Gesund (live healthy) Shop. They have some nice organic products. The best is that they even have wild herbs, which are collected in the nature and not planted in a farm. That’s so seldom nowadays.

5. Hanf Haus (hemp house) Shop – it’s a company which produces high quality textiles from organic hemp.

Be sure that these are not the only reasons to visit Heidelberg. I had a nice dinner and drink with friends in one of the many restaurants and pubs.