Switzerland and European Union – Similar and though Different

Do you know that Switzerland is not a country? It is a confederation of cantons which is called Confederation Helvetica. There are 26 cantons and each of them have the freedom to decide about its internal politics. This is similar to a federal state, but it is not, because there is for example no prime minister and a lot of typical ministries do not exist at all. So Switzerland seems to be a kind of a union of states, more or less like the European Union. Actually the European Union is like Switzerland, because it uses the Swiss modell. Both have the ideal to be stronger together, but to preserve the diversity inside.

But there are some big differences as well. This difference explains why Switzerland is not part of the European Union although completely embraced by it and fully dependent. The biggest difference is how and why they were founded and how they are developing. The European Union was found as a act of reconciliation and new start. A union of reconciliation and a union for the freedom. The people and their well being stay in the middle of the European Union. It’s a union for the people. For the people inside and outside it. And many countries would like to join this union. And they all are welcome to do it, if they put the people in the centre and prove that they do it.

Switzerland, on the opposite, was created because of economical interests. It is a union for the own interest and not in the interest of the people living in the surrounding countries. Switzerland was built and has grown through wars and economical interests. The prosperity and the economical interest stay in the middle of the Helvetica confederation. Nevertheless, I hope that soon this will change and that Switzerland will focus more on the people. It is highly possible that this change will come through a big collapse of the Swiss system, similar to that in Iceland.