Travel Alternatives

Next to Couch Surfing there are some other good travel alternatives. Here a small list of them:

1. Hospitality Club – it is like CS and it was created even earlier, but does not function so well and is more bureaucratic.

2. Home exchange – it is in principle like Couch Surfing, but you have to find people who want to have a holiday at the time you have and who want to go to your place. It is also possible to do it for a longer time, even for half an year. There are a lot of different web sites for home exchange

3. Yacht Surfing and work on a boat. There are quite a lot of different models, but the basic idea is that you help do the job on a boat and travel around the world with it.

4. World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms – if you like to work for a longer period in a organic farm, this is the perfect for you. Normally you obtain accommodation and food. You can learn a lot about organic farming. There are some other sites as well. For example HelpX.

5. Work and Travel – it’s very famous and there are a lot of opportunities. You can travel and earn the money you need for your travel.

And if you prefer to have a “normal” holiday and stay in hotel, there is still a way how to do more about the area where you are and how to travel more sustainably – you can stay in a BIO Hotel or use only sustainable travel products.