Germans, please Do Not Feel Guilty

Some days ago I had a nice hike with a lot of great Couch Surfers. There was one American girl as well. She is doing her Ph. D. exchange year at the KIT and it for 6 months in Germany. One of the German guys in the group asked her to say one thing she does not like in Germany. And she said, that she does not like, that German people still feel guilty about the Second World War and what Hitler done. She hit exactly the point! That’s the thing I like less in Germany as well! It’s a mere stupidity to feel guilty 70 years later! If is important to know what happened, how it happened and why it happened, but it’s a real stupidity to make young people and kids feel guilty because of the faults of their grandparents and grand grandparents.

And this feeling guilty is not only a thing foreigners do not like. It is one of the biggest problems of modern Germany. Because of this feeling guilty there is no real discussion about the history and if there is, than the stress it put only on Hitler and what he’d done and the whole history of the German nation is thought with the wrong stress. On the other hand there is always a silence about this moment. You are not supposed to speak and discuss it.

And from this the whole society changes and does not react as it is appropriately in many situations. As a sequence there are a lot of German people who do not like Germany. And there is nothing more dangerous than that for a nation. And there are people who like Germany and its people so much, that they don’t like anyone else and especially the foreigners in Germany. As a consequence there are a lot of new skin heads and national fundamentalist. Which is the second biggest danger for the nation. If you enter a German bookstore or library it will be very hard to find a book about Hitler. It you enter an Italian bookstore, about 1/3 of the books are about Mussolini and Hitler. This is a quite different and much better approach. Something which is so well known and well discussed stops to be interesting and tempting any more. Hope that people will soon realise that a change is needed and will change the silence and guilty policy in the education.