Creating Co-Working Spaces and Roles Exchange

The industry and the science keep going their way of close specialization. And so the whole western society, which is ruled by the modern economics, based on science and industry. But there is a big social change that happens right now. People realized that general knowledge and social competences and cooperation are much more important. These are not only the bases for creativity and innovation, but also for happiness and sustainable change in the society. There are already a lot of co-working offices, for example the Betahouse in Berlin.

It is important to create co-working spaces. These do not need to be only in the office. They can be in the private life, hobbies and so on. Thus a unique social environment is possible. So let’s make some meetings where people from different backgrounds and professional orientation meet and tell about their lifestyles and professions. Even more interesting can be to change the roles for some time and thus experience completely different worlds. The so gained knowledge can be applied in your own area or you can just jump above your current point of view and discover completely new alternatives. This is especially true for scientists and research workers.