Unite, Do not Separate

Unifying is the process of growing and creating, a divine one and separating is exactly the opposite. It is the process of going down, the process of death.

Recently I was in Basel, on the boundary of France, Germany and Switzerland. There are no boundaries any more due to the Schengen Agreement, which is a great thing. I’ve seen all those barracks on the boundary staying empty and felt happy that Europe is finally growing together and even Switzerland is taking part in the process. So I went for a small walk around the ex-boundary in order to see how it looks like today. There is no official boundary any more, but there is a lot of ugly industry with huge private areas and a lot of roads and railways there, so for a pedestrian it is possible to cross the boundary only at two or three places. So officially there is no boundary, but in fact there are still many boundaries. I did not take a single photo, because these are such ugly places.

In the nature there are no boundaries. Everything is connected. Even the modern quantum physics says that the material is nothing but relatedness and connectivity. Boundaries have been created only in our minds and now we are building them everywhere. There is so much private, state and so on property and there are so many areas where it is forbidden to go, so that we can’t walk wherever we want to. We are going on one very unnatural way that could not be sustainable. We have to realize it and start again to connect unify. This separated in everything has to stop. I’ve took a picture of the old bridge between Bad Säckingen and Switzerland. Connectedness looks much nicer.