We Do not Need so much Stuff

Last weekend I went to visit the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein. It’s really a great one. Admirations about creating such nice design museum! There you can really get inspired and let your creativity fly. Of course, they sell there their own stuff, but it is a really nice way to do it.

Here some pictures from the Vitra visitors centre.

Yes it’s nice, but I had not only this feeling of happiness and inspiration when I was there. All of this is nice and creative stuff, but do we need it? In my room I need a mattress to sleep on it and a wardrobe for my clothes and the 20 books I have. I don’t keep stuff at home and I don’t like to have stuff. I’m so happy that I’m independent from useless stuff. In Bulgarian we have two words for collect, gather. The first one – “събирам” has a positive meeting. It is used when you gather something useful for example experience or knowledge. It comes from “бера” which means pick and “съ” which is prefix for a process of creation, a divine process. On the other side we use the word “трупам” which means more or less to collect and store stuff and comes from “труп”, which means corpse, dead body. We use the same word for cut trees, trees that are already death. These two words give the difference between the positive gathering and the negative one. The first process is a divine one, you are growing and creating, you are living. The second one is the opposite process, the process of death. These are exactly the two processes in the world. You are either conform to the one or to the other process, you either live or you are death, you are either developing upwards to the Sky or you’ve already started the process down to death, back to the Earth. There is no such thing like staying on the same level. To stay at the same level it means to start the process of death.

So looking at all those people consuming the stuff Vitra sells, I felt the process of death. We do not need that consumption. This week we have bulky waste removing in the neighbourhood and people are throwing away stuff that is in order. Surely because they already bought newer stuff! And this happens so often. People change the whole furniture almost every second year. The results can be seen in the film The Story of Stuff. We are destroying our planet; we are going down in the process of death.

But there are alternatives, good alternatives. There are already a lot of sharing communities. Here just a small list of them:

1. Street Bank – Share Everything You Have with Your Neighbours, even Skills!

2. Listia– Give and Get Free Stuff!

3. Free Cycle – Changing the World one Gift at a Time!

4. Frents – Explore and Share!

Things get changed! And if you like to stay informed about Sharing, Shareable is a good start.