An Old Camera in the Park

This is a really old story, but it is clear in my mind. My brother, my grandma and I were in the park and we found a very old camera on a bank. We waited a little bit to see if someone is coming to look for it, but no one came. And we took it at home. It was so old and broken that we never used it. It stayed for years at home before we throw it away.

I become always quite sad when I remember this story. There was a film with sure some photos on it in the camera. I still imagine that these could have been very precious for the owner and that he was a poor guy because of this very old and almost broken camera. Or maybe it had a special meaning for him. I don’t know, but it is a fact that we didn’t act optimal. We could have left a note or somehow try to find the owner…

When we were kids we’ve used to forget a lot of thing in the park and most of them disappeared, but some of them just stayed where we forgot them and it was such a great feeling to find them again.