The never Ending Improvement

Have you ever read things you’ve written some years ago? For example in blogs, forums or letters? I’ve just read an old forum, where I used to write on different topics about four years ago. It happens were seldom, that I read such old stuff, but it is always really useful. I can see my spiritual improvement and my overall development. Some thoughts are similar to the thoughts I have now, but some are completely different. I’ve improved myself a lot. It is so nice to see it. And it makes me remember one very simple, but important fact – no matter where you stay, there is always some improvement potential and you have to use it. Some years later you’ll see the results.

If you sometimes think that there is no solution or that it can’t be done better, just wait a little (or more if needed) and then you’ll see how you’ll find a solution. And always listen carefully to the opinions of people and never say that they are wrong because it is highly possible that you develop to have the same opinion later. So, let’s be open-minded for everything, because we do not know from where and how our improvement is going to happen. And I always think that I fulfilled a lot of dreams when I read old things I’ve put down on paper. This can be again very inspiring to keep up going.