Let’s Change the Money System

As we all know, the money system just does not work as it should be. It’s simply not sustainable, because it is based on an exponential growth of our economy. And an exponential growth means a crash at some time, because we can’t always produce more and more. At some point there are no more resources. And from such crashes there are always few winners and a lot of losers. So, what is actually wrong with the money systems? The problem is the exponential growth. But what creates this growth? The correct answer is the credit system. If a bank has 100 euro, then it can give a credit for at least 1000 euro to another bank. And this can give a credit for 10000 euro and so on. This is what creates big amounts of virtual money which does not exist in the reality.

But how can we change this? How can we make the money system sustainable? I think that we can create a local based giving and sharing society, so we do not need to do everything with money. But we still need some money. There are many possibilities how to change the money system:

1. The first important idea is to make a system where we don’t obtain interest for our money we just put in the bank and haven’t used. Just on the opposite – we’ll have to pay for the money we have, but we don’t use! Thus, we will be urged to use our money and to invest it. So we do not obtain more money when we already have a lot of money, but less. Thus money will be better distributed and used where needed.

2. Basic Income – everyone will obtain from the state some amount of money which will be enough for living. This will make it possible that we do not work anymore for money, but for us, for the people and for the society. This will not only create another impulse in the society, but also make the whole taxes and insurance systems much easier.

3. Regional money will stimulate people to act local and to find better solutions for their communities.

4. Choose a sustainable bank, so you know that your money are helping where needed.

Even more information you can obtain from Positive Money or Monetative.

There are many more things we can do in order to get to change the system. What ideas do you have?

– What about starting to lend your money to friends and other people who need it right now (But with no interest!)?
– What about spending and giving money away?
– What about starting to invest directly in sustainable businesses in the area?
– What about changing your bank?
– What about changing your insurances?
– What about cutting stupid and unnecessary costs?
– What about saving money together with friends and giving it for good purposes or investing it sustainably?
– What about exchanging stuff, work and services in the area?
– What about living for free somewhere, but helping the owner with the garden, trash, shopping or the household?
– What about sharing your belonging and knowledge?

Do you have ideas? Do you like my ideas? Do you need advice? Do you like to start a social, giving, sharing, exchanging or moneyless business? Feel free to contact me!