Let’s Go Back to the Villages

Recently I’ve spent my holidays in Slovakia. It’s a very beautiful country with a lot of cultural states, mountains and great people. It is situated in the heart of Europe, but there is one big difference between Slovakia and all other European countries. And it is a positive one. In Slovakia 43% of the people live in villages. And the villages are full of young people. There is life in the villages and there you can find schools, big shops, cinemas and so on. Thus even more people prefer to go to live in the villages. And the cultural and local traditions stay alive. Something almost forgotten in the rest of Europe!

But can we apply this model for other countries? I think, that we can, if there is a critical amount of young people who would like to go back to the villages. I’m sure that there are many such people, but they are just afraid to go back, because they all think that they’ll be alone in the countryside. So, the first thing we need is a platform where people can check if there are some other people who want to go back to live in the villages of some area. Through this platform they can coordinate and decide together where to go. Or people who are already in some village can give a sign that even more people are welcome. A possible solution is to develop a plug in application for facebook, couch surfing, wwoof or even create a new community. Even greater will be if it can be integrated in some sharing and giving community. This can be a big success! The community can live from donations or from some small charge for established contacts.