Purpose of Education = Keep Creativity & Obtain Life Skills

Check this video what young people think about the education. Even more information you can found here. Meeting people and communication are sad to be very important for young people as well. As you can see it is a lot about soft skills. Young people get the point, so I think that soon the education system will completely change. These young people are not going to teach the same way as they were taught. They are going to teach not facts and specific subjects, but HOW to learn. That’s what we have to learn.

This is totally on contrast of what the situation is – school system kills education. As you can see, although we think education and work is important, we do it in such a way, that it merely kills the creativity. Kids are so creative. We have to remember how creative we can be. And if kids can be so creative, can you imagine how creative adult can be? Of course if they don’t lose their creativity. Creativity combined with knowledge and practical experience is vital for survival and development.

Especially important is to let students make decision and have freedom to do what they want and to have time to play. Playing is one of the most important ways to experience the world and to learn. And we tend to forbid playing and as adult we do not play and we keep losing creativity.

And when we speak about practical education there is one really important point – the financial education. There is actually no financial education in school and that makes the life hard of millions of educated people. You can learn quite a lot about this from Robert Kiyosaki and from his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad

And when we speak about practical experience, there are some great things which children can learn at school – healthy matters and healthy food habits, more sports, agriculture.

But to come back on the videos – one statement really inspired me – young people would like “A balance between traditional and modern skills and knowledge”. That’s so great. Young people get exactly the most important point. We have to keep developing and inventing, but we have never to forget from where we started and that traditional values made all those progress possible. This is exactly the sustainable way of thinking and acting.

Here is the full list of wishes:

– life skills
– cooking and other daily skills
– to learn to do things on your own
– creativity
– friends
– to learn to work together
– to be able to talk and to discuss
– to learn more languages
– good and interested teachers
– to learn how to learn
– a good class size
– more interaction between the classes
– a broader view
– more choice
– more time
– more sports
– different ways of learning and assessing
– more music
– more active
– hands on learning
– a balance between traditional and modern skills and knowledge
– practical applications
– a garden
– canteen
– social skills