Give, Save and Win While Doing Sustainable Shopping

There are already some models how to consume and do something good at the same time. For example if you shop from the page of Social Power 10% of the money will be donated. That’s a great idea, but it’s not necessary a sustainable one.

Another good idea is Groupon – consumers unite in order to buy bigger quantities and thus push the price down. But again, it can urge totally bad consumer behaviour.

But these ideas have a big potential and can be used by the consumers in order to establish a sustainable shopping. How about promoting only sustainable shops and products this way? We can create more sustainable companies and much better and cheaper products. At the same time, some percentage of the shopping value can be donated or investing and help again another sustainable businesses.

We can go even further and create personalized web pages for promoters, who would like to make the sustainable shopping and products even more famous. They can again obtain some percentage of the shopping value and even earn some money by doing a good job for the society.