It is nice not to have too many expectations, especially about other people. And it is nice to have a lot of dreams. Still, it seems that I have some expectations. At least I have even more dreams. Sometimes it is even very hard to understand which one is an expectation and which one is a dream. While having a supper on wednesday night at school I had to write down three expectations/dreams/desire about the school in Glonntal. I wrote “only” three:
– all of the student of the 12th grade will manage the final secondary-school examinations. Looking at the students a day later I know that this is highly possible!
– to obtain my permanent teacher permission. That seems at the moment also highly possible!
– a beach volleyball field with swimming pool and spa near the gym. That’s the most unimportant and easiest one!

But now I have to concentrate on something else – the expectations of the students:
– to cope well with the 12th grade material
– to be good prepared for the final secondary-school examinations
– to have variety in class
– bright and interesting classes
– dialog instead of monologue
– to start to learn with joy
– informal lessons, but a great amount of knowledge
– to keep having mathematics lessons also when there is no mathematics epoch
– not to easy and to loose
– discipline
– if possible to have also some kind of working book (here I want to say directly that by doing our mathe projects, by documenting the lessons and by creating enough handouts we will be able to create our own book, which is much better)
– to explain unterstandably and to repeat if needed
– to identify and to help solve problems of the students
– a kind and open relationship between teacher and students, as well as between students
– to learn a lot
– learn more about IT
– to help and stand for the class in the school affairs
– to take on responsibility
– to be always approachable and responsive
– to lead well the class
– to be very consistent
– freedom
– support
– to give my best (the teacher should give his best!)
– to be patient with the students
– to fill the knowledge gaps
– to accept questions and to answer them

As you can see, there are a lot of expectations, but this motivates me even more and I’ll really do my best!