The best possible start

Every child knows how important are the first steps. Old and experienced hikers say that we always have to start slowly and carefully on a long way. That is also the right way to start a new school year.

And exactly that is what is happening in my school at the moment. We started with a teacher conference which was very useful. It has shown that the head of the school is on the right way and all teachers seem to be inspired by those three days together.

The aim of this post is to describe how the head of the school created an impulse for the new school year that should be alive in all the teachers and should also be forwarded to the students and parents. Beneath are abstracts from the most important moments of the conference.

– Our most important task as educators and teachers is to make possible the encounter of the kids with their own higher I. Nowaday the society steals exactly this opportunity from the young people. Die impulses and the dreams of the young generation is being killed. Exactly those impulses and dreams we have to experience innerly together with the kids and help them accent from the depths of the soul into the world. Through meeting other people (other students, teachers) we meet ourselves. This is the goal of the waldorf pedagogics in Glonntal. This is especially important for the mathematics lessons, where we would like to innerly experience the material and its connections.

– Very interesting is to mention also something about the process in the conference. I had the will to be at this school and at this conference. I want to achieve something. So I was attending it totally consciously. But only when the head of the school spoken out of his heart, I felt connected with him. And that was the moment when I experience innerly the feeling of Love and connectivity. Only at that moment, when we were more or less one, I gathered to a higher level of consciousness, understanding, feeling and experience. This is very important, because as a teacher I have to save this impulse and give it further to the students. I managed to do so two days later. And this was the first very important step of my teaching at this school. Now the task is to keep the flame of this impulse through the whole school year.

– And again about the process – I, as a teacher have to be active, to be audacious to start first new things. And at the same time I have to be the most patient one, to wait for all the others to come with me. Exactly as a agriculturist have first to plant and then to wait. It was great to see how Johnasson, our gardener and agriculture teacher connects farming with teaching, the two “royal” professions, according to Slavic people.

– Everything we teach should we make conscious. First pick up a subject, then delve into it and at the end make it conscious. The head of the school said, that not he is making his lecture, but we make it. He only starts a subject and the teachers work on it, delve into it and so on.

– Learn to unlearn.

– Never forget that we are a school community in which 1 + 1 should be >> 2. We are together the school.

– Leaning by doing and doing by learning is our main concept.

– The school was not to be planed, not to be even thought, but it was doable and it happened.

– We are travelling in the endless world around us, but also in the world inside us. On the way we have our own exams to cope with.

– We always give the opportunity to act and to make mistakes, but also to participate in the process and help the others.

– What is higher than light? The conversation! We have to remember again who important is every single encounter, that every single encounter and conversation is made for us. At the beginning was the word … Encounter and conversations – that’s the real pedagogics.

– Take the positive feelings of the first school day with me and carry them through the whole year!