Tidiness of our classroom

I already said that our classroom was totally dirty. I had to clean it for hours, but it is still not quite tidy. We still have to paint it. The parents and the head of the school gave their opinion, that the class should organize and do this. The mother of Siri said, that I can delegate her daughter the task to organize the boys and to paint the room. So, Siri, would you like to take this responsibility? It will be nice if we can do this job as soon as possible.

About the tidiness I have to say also some other words – the 12th class left also some rubbish on Thursday, but they learned very fast and on Friday the room was looking perfect. They have left the room very clean and tidy. But yesterday I’ve seen that there were some senior class group working on their projects and the room was again totally trashed. I’ve heard also the girls from the 8th class complaining about the same. All this says me that most of the students from the senior classes are not yet tidy enough and will continue to trash our room if we don’t teach them to be clean and ordered. As our class learned so fast it’s now our turn to teach the others to be clean and tidy, especially when they use the rooms of the other class. This will be a notion that I’m going to discuss with all teachers and parents. But the most important thing is that our class continues to be tidy and to give a positive example.