Total chaos and lack of flexibility in waldorf schools

Well, after experiencing for more that 9 months different waldorf schools I have to say that they are really much better and are the germ of future education. On the other side there are some problems to be fixed. Two of them are very important – the total chaos and the lack of flexibility. Those two are which really annoy the further development of the waldorf schools.

Chaos is very important and even needed if there is a minimal order. For me the best formula is as less order as possible and as much chaos as needed. But there should be also at least a little bit of order. That is definitely not the case! Why? Because there is a lot of freedom, but not enough responsibility in school. I already written many times about the importance of freedom and responsibility, as well as order and chaos, so I’m not going to write again how to achieve the harmony between those contradictions. But waldorf schools have to cope with the extremities and to achieve a total harmony. After almost 100 years they are still on the way with no harmony at sight.

Waldorf schools are created to be lively, dynamic, ever changing, always suiting the needs and impulses of young people. But they became too unflexible, they seem not to be able to make the next step. They are staying at the same place. Most of them seem to be dead inside. There is a lack of flexibility, but it comes from the lack of audacity. Teachers, parents and students have to have the courage to go for their dreams, to move forward. I’ve chosen my school in Glonntal because it is far more flexible than all the others. It is THE SCHOOL in Germany that makes the next steps! We have still to go a long way, but we are on the way. We need a little bit more responsibility and order and we will metamorphose to the next step.