Official Waldorf High School Curriculum in Maths

In mathematics I can give you a more detailed overview about the ‘official’ waldorf curriculum:

9th grade:
– conic sections
– locus
– nines and elevens check
– equations
– combinatorics
– probabilities

10th grade:

– trigonometry
– sequences
– arithmetic mean
– potents
– logarithms
– exponential equations
– continued fraction expansion
– field measuring

11th grade:
– analytical geometry
– projective geometry
– sphere geometry
– sphere trigonometry
– sequences and limits

12th grade:
– infinitesimal calculus
– differencial calculus
– integral calculus

13th grade:
– diploma and other exams preparation according to the different federal laws for state schools

But to me honest – most of the schools never manage to introduce the notions planed for the 11th and 12th grade. On the other side often there are very less real waldorf lecture in maths after the 10th grade. And the diploma or other exams preparation starts too early.

However I’m not quite happy with this programme as well as with the bad results in the practice. As a graduate from the best bulgarian school in mathematics, I know that a much more is possible, especially if you use the waldorf pedagogy methods which are much better. As we can see from the work of Rudolf Steiner he was quite disappointed with the mathematics education. The vision of Steiner was to be at least at the level of the best russian mathematical and technical schools which means approximatelly covering the first two university years! I’m sure that this is achievable! But in order to really make it happen, the high school teachers in mathematics have to work very closely with the class teacher from the first to the eight grade. That is of even more important than the high school lessons! Why? Because it secures the quality (and also the quantity) of the waldorf maths lessons from the beginning. Of course the sam should be in all other subject, especially the natural sciences and the technical subjects.