Extreme Teaching

In the last two and a half years I’ve been teaching at the waldorf school in Steffisburg, Berner Oberland, in Switzerland. It has been a very busy time. Teaching about 30 hours per week is definitely not only fun. I had to invest really everything I can in the school. Now, after leaving the school, I can look back from above at that time. Steiner says that it is important to be as effective as possible, which means to organize the lessons in such a way that the student have as little lessons as possible and learn as much as possible. This was not the case in my school. The consequence was that at some point I started to loose conscience about some of the processes happening. Now, only a few days later, I gained it again and I am very happy about it.

Now I know what was the purpose for me of being at that school exactly two and a half years – I had to see what it means to have difficulties with the students and the beginning, how to make them disappear for the sake of both the students’ and my development. Till now I always managed to inspire the students in only one or few lectures, but this time for some still not quite well-known reasons it was completely different. I needed much more time, almost two years. All that I’ve done in order to inspire them was nothing else but to love them all and being extremely patient.

And exactly this is the best thing – if you have the heart to love, the will to wait and the curiosity in mind to learn new things and to be inspired all the time, at some point, you will definitely manage to connect best with your students, so they also start to love you, be inspired because of you, be curious and start blossoming like flowers. This process can happen very fast or very slow, depending on the different conditions and specific settings at the school. But if the teacher never stops loving the students and is always interested to learn new things and to develop himself/herself than it will happen! So simple is pedagogics. At the end all of the kids really loved me and some of them even said that I am the best teacher that they had. For me the most important thing is that I’ve seen again what it means to love every single student and how I can really apply a teaching from the heart. Now I am 100% sure that this is the teaching of the future!

Becoming so conscious about these processes wouldn’t have been possible without the book “The five dimensions of the waldorf pedagogics” of Valentin Wember. Many thanks to him. In this book he point exactly where, why and how the original waldorf pedagogics of Steiner were corrupted. And he also states clear, that no matter how we improve the current schools, they can’t develop any more as much as Steiner wanted. So we have to restart, we need to found new schools, which will be really based on the spiritual teachings of Steiner and will educate through love. I am looking forward to found one such school. For me it will be particularly interesting to combine it with the teachings of Dunov and Anastasija.

Here some literature that Wember highly recommends:

– “Angstfrei lernen, selbstbewusst handeln”, Christoph Lindenberg
– „Du sollst sein Rätsel lösen“, Christoph Weichert
– „Die sieben Lebensprozesse“, Phillip Gehlitz amnd Almuth Strehlow
– „Der musikalische Bau des Menschen. Entwurf einer plastisch-musikalischen Menschenkunde“, Armin Huseman
– all of the books of Martin Wagenschein
– the Steiner pedagogical books: GA 293 till 311
– GA 131 “Von Jesus zu Christus” – this one describes the importance and the meaning of the Christ-Impulse

Also very important are the further readings from Wember:

– Willenserziehung
– Gefühlsbildung und Sozialkompetenz
– Denkerziehung. Denken. Fantasie. Gedächnis
– Menschenkunde Meditieren
– Wille zur Verantwortung