Sledging at Feldberg

Last week I’ve organized a hike trip to Feldberg, the highest peak in Black Forest. It was such a warm and sunny day, that the temperature was above 25 degrees Centigrade. It was April, but it was like in the hottest few days of July. Actually, it is never so hot and such good weather in Black Forest. And definitely not in the first days of April! Sometimes it is even colder than in the northern Alps. There are a lot of days when on Feldberg (about 1450 m high) it is colder than on Zugspitze, the highest peak in the German Alps at almost 3000. The day was so hot, that we even hiked with bathing suits and barefoot. It was a great pleasure.

You can imagine how surprised we were, when we’ve seen that there is still some snow on the slopes of the peak.

There were even some guys snowboarding.

So, we decided to do use the great weather and nature play and have a lot of fun, by doing something very unique – barefoot and bathing suit sledging in the snow. We hat no sledges, but we were smart enough to create such. Just enjoy the pictures as we’ve enjoyed the fun 🙂

At the end we were so tired, that we’ve done some sun bathing in the snow. A great cold-warm feeling for the whole body.

And now I have a good tan from the beginning of April 🙂

Fountains in Durlach and Water for the Public

There are quite a lot of fountains and springs in Durlach. Some of them are really very beautiful.

But the most important thing is that the water from all of them is drinkable. Normally that’s not the case in Germany, which makes it sometimes very complicated to find water in and outside the cities. We have so much water, but there are no public springs with drinkable water. We have to start to build again public springs. They can always be useful.

Have a Break, Go to the Durlacher Turmberg

My office is in Dulach, near the Durlacher Turmberg. It is a small hill above the medieval city of Durlach with an old tower above it. I like to go there in the lunch break or after work, because it is so nice there and it is so near.

It is the perfect place to go in the break and to have some sun, fresh air and new inspirations. It is the best thing of working in Durlach! And because it is a hill, it is a great place to have some physical training in the break. 100 high metres are not bad for the breaks. Especially when I choose the steep way with the steps!

But that is not the only one nice way. There are some other ways, so you can see the wine yards and the forest from the south. I think that this is the most beautiful way to go there.

The most special thing is of course the magnificent view from the top of the tower. When the weather is nice and it is a little windy, then the view goes as far as the Bergstr, the Weinstr, Kraichgau, Rhine River Valley, Black Forest and even Vosges and Taunus. From there you can see even the cathedral of Strasbourg and the skyscrapers of Frankfurt.

Well, today was not such day, but the view was still great.

Of course, you can visit Durlacher Turmberg as a tourist as well. Then, when you are on the top, be sure to check the restaurant and drink some nice wine form the wine yards on the hill. I don’t like to say this, but if you are lazy to climb the hill, you can always take the cable car.