CS References

– Krum is an amazing person: I can talk with him for hours and hours, about everything, ranging from completely fun topics that me roar with laughter all the way to discussing philosophical views about the world. He is extremely positive, energetic, competent on all sorts of issues. He is entertaining, and at the same time a deeply profound person. I have enriched enormously through my interactions with him! He’s been my guide (in a very broad sense) in the past half year, and I am excited that I can see him often enough nowadays in Switzerland. Kaloyan Slavov, Zürich, Switzerland / Bulgaria, 2016

– Krum and his wife Veronika were our first Couch Surfers in Karlsruhe. We enjoyed hosting them a lot. Eventhough they had a tight schedule, we spents some quality time together. There was always something to talk about. So all there is to say is thanks for the salad, the carrot cake and your thoughts on raising children. Hope to see you again! Angelika, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2016

– It was a great pleasure to host Krum. It was hard to understand each other although we speak altogether seven languages (bask, french, spanish, bulgarian, russian, english and german). But we had not a single language in common. Nevertheless, both experienced Couchserfers, we liked each other a lot and it was a nice time with the very gentle and generous Krum. Jean-marc Oxoby, Bayonne, France / Bask Country, 2016

– We enjoyed hosting Krum and his wife Veronika. Thanks for the great salad and all the leftovers. Krum is very open minded and interested in other people’s opinion. Jakob, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2016

– He is a very easy going person and I’m happy to still be able to get to know more members with what I believe to be a true ‘hospitality exchange’ spirit. Martin, Morges, Switzerland / France, 2016

– I had the pleasure to meet and host Krum and Veronica for one night. Even though we met literally for few hours, we sheared great life stories and smiles. They’re two intelligent, positive, respectful and thankful guys who I highly recommend as guests and hope to see them again! Veselin Petrov, Copenhagen, Denmark / Bulgaria, 2016

– Krum is a lovely young dynamic man that I absolutely recommend as a good quest. In addition the apartment is perfectly delivered. You’re welcome again! Kristianna Dalsgarð, Torshaun, Faroe Islands, 2016

– Krum and his parents were really nice and pleasant, they welcomed us with some traditional bulgarian objects celebrating the upcoming spring. Despite their flight home was pretty early in the morning, they left the house all clean and tidy. João Medeiros, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, 2016

– Had good time hosting Krum and his friend Nadia. Erasmus Reemet, Tallinn, Estonia, 2016

– Krum is a very pleasant and respectful person. I was pleased to receive him at home! Coralie Martin, Ibiza, Spain / France, 2016

– Kind guests, they left the house very clean and tidy. You are always welcome! Helena Schleise, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2016

– Krum was a nice first with a good sense of humor. Vasiliy Bolshakov, Phuket, Thailand / Russia, 2016

– Krum surfed on the couch in my flat for two nights in in Baku. Krum, I could very trust you and it was very nice hosting you for the two days. Thanks a lot for making the delicious salad and interesting conversations. I am looking forward to meet you again! Toni Wöhrl, Baku, Azerbaijan / Germany, 2016

– Krum and his friend Martin are very nice and kind people. They told us many stories about Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria. They stay was quite and clean. I hope we’ll meet again! Yaroslav and Elena Skoraya, Kiev, Ukraine / Azerbaijan, 2016

– I’ve met globetrotters, successful entrepreneurs, ingenious scientists, people spiritually developed or full of friends and activities. I appreciate, admire and congratulate their neat lifestyles without usually caring to particularly imitate them at all, as my life is quite satisfactory. That’s not the case with Krum! A person I’d definitely want to live like. He has figured a lot, his mind and physique are extremely healthy without extremities or hyped miraculous-looking aspects. One of the kindest persons I’ve ever conversed with and, honestly, a huge inspiration. See, he even wrote his reference in first person. Krum, you made our days! Keep doing what you do! Antony, Leuven, Belgium / Crete, 2015

– It was a great experience to host Krum. Nowadays it is getting complicated to host such a great CSer like him, with so many good references, many travelling stories and interesting conversations. I will never forget the way he has dressing salads in such an artistic and chaotic way! It was really a pleasure, Krum, and I hope (and I think we will) meet you in a next future. Isabel Perez Martinez, Malaga, Spain, 2015

– Positive reference doesn’t cut it for this CS extraordinaire. He’s on my all star cs team. Turned out we knew two of the same people, good friends of mine and even more amazing was the fact Krum had their phone numbers which meant I could get back in touch with my friends. CS is amazing and makes the world smaller and full of light, especially with people like my new friend Krum around. You’re always welcome anywhere I am, my friend. It took me a minute to realize we would become good friends. CS is made so much better with Krum being an old faithful longtime member and I’m forever grateful and fortunate having met him. You’re super Couch Surfing dude. Ethan Fox Miles, Dublin, Ireland / Romania / USA / Israel, 2015

– I first met Krum around two years ago in a small cafe one chilly evening in Sofia. This nicely astounding meeting marked me for a long time. I am very thankful that I met Krum and exteremely happy that this encounter led to a beautiful friendship. Veronika Orbetsova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015

– I hosted Krum and his friends Mira and Kalin for one night. I was hesitating about hosting three people but really it was no problem at all. They are very friendly and respectful and they cooked a nice meal! After a siesta, tired from work (me) and travelling, we went for a long walk with interesting discussions. Krum knows a lot about pedagogy and different school systems, and they told me about Bulgaria and Switzerland. I can really recommend to host them! Kaino Nordgren, Västernorrlands län, Sweden, 2015

– I hosted Krum for a weekend, sadly I was ill and unable to spend a lot of time with him, but he seemed like a really nice and hospitable guy with a positive atmosphere around him! Sakarias Myskja, Tromso, Norway, 2015

– Dear Krum, it was a great pleasure to meet you and have you staying at home. We had a delicious dinner at home that you prepared nicely! See you soon! David Martin, Genève, Switzerland, 2015

– Krum was a very kind and uncomplicated guest. Katja Haertel, Bingen am Rhein, Germany, 2015

– Krum is very cheerful, friendly and chatty. He has a great sense of humour and enjoys life! Clare Wilding, Bristol, United Kingdom, 2015

– I met Krum as a friend of the host I stayed. He’s a really nice guy with a lot of knowledge and experience in traveling and life! We had a very nice evening! Roselien Peteghem, Wachtebeke, Belgium, 2015

– It was very nice to meet you! It was nice to talk to you. You are a very open minded person with an awesome life style. I hope we’ll see each other again! Meret Rölthlisberger, Bern, Switzerland, 2015

– The meeting with you was really interesting! I’m impressed by all of the things you’ve done and I like your frankly type. I’m looking forward to hike with you. You are welcome anytime as well! Laura, Bern, Switzerland, 2015

– We met in Bern while I was traveling in Switzerland. Even if I was not sleeping in his house, he invited me to go to a private concert and it was great! The place was so cosy and the musicians were really good. Krum, I really appreciated to spend time with you and to learn a bit more about your teaching projects. Good luck with that and let me know when you decide to come to Brazil! Bibiane Tarasconi, São Paulo, Brazil, 2015

– My stay with Krum was my first Couch Surfing experience, and I am really delighted that it was with him! He welcomed me and my friend as soon as we arrived in Bern, and he showed us around his lovely city before taking us to the restaurant for dinner, and going home where we talked and talked for hours about our dreams. We felt immediately at ease with Krum, he shared with us stories about his experiences and about his city, and he made sure we felt as if we were at home the whole time. This is an experience we will never forget, and we are looking forward to seeing you again in whatever part of the world. Camille Tardy, Lyon, France, 2015

– First of all, thank you for being such a great host, so welcoming and friendly with me and my friend! Our weekend in Bern was amazing and mostly because of you, our talks, learning about vegeterian and vegan people lives, I learnt so much with our conversation! We have so much in common that it seemed that we knew each other for years! I really hope we meet soon and often in Switzerland and anywhere in the world. All the best! Mariana, Lucerne, Switzerland / Brazil, 2015

– Thanks you Krum! You have a very comfortable and enjoyable living atmosphere. I am impressed with the postcards ceiling, which is very creative. Somehow your healthy vegan diet has a great positive influence on my own food selections. Please drop me a message if one day you and your roommates are passing by Finland or China. Lisa Cheng, Jyvaskyla, Finland / China, 2015

– Krum, thank you very much for your hospitality! You have been so welcoming even with my last minute request. You received my friends and me so kindly and nicely. I really enjoyed having deep talks and having my mind open to other perspectives through our discussions. The full moon walk near the river was magical. Thank you for making us discovering another face of Bern! I am glad to have met you. As you said, we are close, we will hopefully have other opportunities to have more exchanges in thee future. Thank you again for being such a wonderful host! Natalia Luque, Geneva, Switzerland, 2015

– Krum is very kind, positive and friendly person. It was simple and easy to communicate with him. Krum is also a good cook and uses interesting mountain herbs! It is a pity that we had little time for socializing and hope that this was not the last time, when we met. We are waiting for you in Belarus! Katya Muha, Minsk, Belarus, 2015

– Krum accepted us last minute, and he is a very experienced, smart and friendly couchsurfer. Krum did many things that can’t be taken for granted! He offered to help us with doing our laundry and allowed us to use the washing machine, he cooked something for us on the evening we arrived (I’ve never eaten vegan food before, and I was surprised about how good it tasted), we had some nice conversations and before we left, he made a plan for which cities we should see in Switzerland instead of directly going to the next city. Thank you for everything! Magdalena Kuess, Vienna, Austria, 2015

– Krum saved me at the last minute in Bern and he is such a nice host. He himself is an active traveler, so he knows lots of things about nature, place, history and even the train timetables. It was enjoyable to travel with him to Zermatt and Bern. Thanks, Krum. Jungeun, Seongnam-si, Korea, 2015

– Krum only stayed for a night over at my house, but we had a nice talk and dinner! I enjoyed your company, Krum. I wish we had more time to spend together, to get to know each other. Anyway, hope I see you again sometime! Chania, Ierapetra, Greece, 2015

– Krum is a very pleasant guest. During the day he was very busy and in the evening we had good talks. He has a lot of couchsurfing experience and funny stories to tell. You are always welcome here, Krum! Linda Oster, Kassel, Germany

– The meeting with you was reelly interesting! I’m impressed of all the things you’ve done and i like your frankly type. I’m looking forward to hike with you. Thanks, for sure you are welcome anytime as well! Laura, Bern, Switzerland

– Krum is a very kind person, thoughtful and a perfect surfer to host. He is a very pleasant conversation partner , open minded and interested in every aspect of life. It was a pleasure hosting him! Anja Hildebrandt, Kassel, Germany

– We met in Bern while I was traveling in Switzerland. Even if I was not sleeping in his house, he invited me to go to a private concert and it was great! The place was so cozy and the musicians were really good. Krum, I really appreciated to spend time with you and to learn a bit more about your teaching projects. Good luck with that and let me know when you decide to come to Brazil! Bibiane Tarasconi, Porto Alegre, Brazil

– Hi Krum, thanks again for taking me to the home concert, it was really great! Thanks to CSers I get to know my home town better 🙂 I also found it nice to meet and talk to you. All the best to you and thanks for the kind wishes! Laura, Bern, Switzerland

– Hello dear Krum! Thanks for the great reference, actually you deserve a better one – we were so lucky to meet you in Bern. Thank you for your very friendly attitude, sharing your experience as a teacher in the Waldorf school, passionate conversations and delicious herbal drink! I do hope we will meet again quite soon. Someone in Kraków is waiting for you. Cheers! Marco Dolewka, Krakow, Poland

– Krum is a very, very good host! He is friendly and helpful! We are very happy that we had a chance to meet him. We spent very good evening with interesting conversation and delicious fruits. Thanks to him we got to know a lot of new things – not only about Switzerland. I hope that we meet again! Thank you once again! Natalia Toczek, Krakow, Poland

– It was just great to spend time with Krum. My partner Josef and I arrived at his place, were warmly welcome, had a lot of good conversation time together and a delicious dinner. We slept very well and quietly on the comfy couch. Krum, you are very welcome to come and stay at ours and definitely go hiking with us! All the best to you and hope to meet you soon again. Andrea Potzler, Straubing, Germany

– Dear Krum, not only was it nice to chat with you and have a good time, but also was it great to exchange experiences and ideas. You know a lot, you’re communicative and enthusiastic, open-hearted and open-minded, and I’m quite sure some day you will change the world and make it a better place. Go for it! Rebekka Köppel, Ostermundigen, Switzerland

– Krum is a really nice gentle guy with a lot expieriences to share. its fun to talk with him, he is a really good surfer, it was nice to host him even if it was just for one noght and we could not spend much time. Natalie Bauer, Kassel, Germany

– Dear Krum, it was lovely to have you! I appreciate all the nice stories you could tell about your home,your work and our dedication to teaching. You’re a nice person to have around. Come back soon. Sophie Wappke, Kassel, Germany

– Krum was a great Couchsurfer! He was very spontanous with my plans for friday night and directly joined me and my friends to go out. He is absolutely an experienced traveller and Cser and has many stories to tell. I enjoyed the time we had together. Krum is a totally reliable and frank guy and if you have the chance to meet or host him: Go for it! Tine Detzler, Mannheim, Germany

– Krum is a very energetic and communicative person, super much into organic things, even more extreme than me. It was nice meeting you. Seraina Gysin, Bern, Switzerland

– Hi Krum, it my pleasure to host you. I hope next time you will stay at my place too, I`m already looking forward to your next visit! You are open and talkative person and I like to listen about your experiences with CS in another countries. see you next time!
Aleksandra Psionka, Kassel, Germany

– Do you want to meet interesting people? This is the guy to meet! Don’t miss the oportunitty to get to know Krum and get embraced by new ideas and free thinking. I already miss those moments! Take care, Krum! And come to visit whenever you feel like!
Big hug! Raquel Adaia, Strasbourg, France

– Hi Krum, I really enjoyed this week! Thank you so much for being such an great host! I learned a lot during our discussions about switzerland and other interesting stuff! And of course I loved the delicious wines we tasted. Hope to see you soon, maybe another time in Bern or in Sofia or Koblenz 🙂 Luise Schnur, Koblenz, Germany

– So natural, so peaceful and very inteligent, Krum is this kind of person who makes you feel like you´ve just met a new friend who you know for very long time 🙂 He´s very charming and has a lot of cool and funny stories to share. I´m definitely looking forward to meet you again! Ina Nedelcheva, Varna, Bulgaria

– I meet Krum at a CS meeting in Varna twice and enjoy talking with him part of the night. He was open and friendly from second one. He wrote me a beautiful reference that I don’t know how to beat it 😉 he is great. I only have good wishes for him and Krum for sure we will meet again somewhere, take that for granted! Andehui Castro, Mexico City, Mexico

– I think Krum and me have a lot in common and I hope to communicate with him more in the future no matther where in this wonderful world. Way to go, Krum, good luck in your endeavours! Martin Marinov, Varna, Bulgaria

– Hey Krum, Thank you for the wonderful saturday. It was great meeting you and having such a wonderful conversation, it really made me think about teaching and life in general. I look forward to seeing you again, if not in Varna then maybe I will come and visit your school. Amelia Sherwood, Varna, Bulgaria

– Krum is a kind person who has a huge knowledge and many experiences to share. He let me sleep on his bed while he was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. He has a very good taste for wine and gave me a great hint about where to sit on the train on my way to the next city I was going to for having the best view out of the window. Melanie Neureuther, Germersheim, Germany

– Honestly, Krum is the type of person you don`t meet every day but you would like to meet for sure. Не is so positive, energetic and spiritual with his own and unique visions of the world. He is social and really easy going, I`ve met him with some of my friends and he found immediately common interests and topics with them. Thank you, Krum, for the time spent together and see you soon. Maria Georgieva, Varna, Bulgaria

– It was a pleasure meeting Krum in a Sofia Meeting. He is nice, funny, polite and always smiling. Pepe Puerta Aleman, Sofia, Bulgaria

– Krum is a really nice, smiling, cheerful person, with lots of amazing travel stories to tell. It was a pleasure to have a chat and hopefully meet again. Irena Stoyanova, Sofia, Bulgaria

– Krum is good company. He has a lot of travelling experience and he can share nice stories about his travels and his life. He is also really friendly and intelligent and fits really well into the CS community. He gave me valuable advice for my purposes. Thanks! I hope we will meet again. Plamen Ivanov, Varna, Bulgaria

– Krum, You are careful and helpful person, I can trust your advises, especially if talking is about Germany 🙂 And you are like a sparkle, which people need to become more self-reliant. I am sure we will see us one day again and i will give you back the book, You left me. Ana, Duisburg, Germany

– It was a really great pleasue to meet Krum at our CS weekly meeting in Varna.
I’m really impressed by the spirit and the attitude of Krum. He’s funny and clever and even he’s trying to be funnier than me (something that’s almost impossible!). I felt lucky to have the possibility to chat with him. He made me feel proud with the Bulgarians who’re doing pretty well abroad. And like e real CS-er he invited me to visit him. I’ll try not to miss this shot. I’d be happy to see you again somewhere somehow. Denitsa Petkova, Varna, Bulgaria

– Krum is a very interesting person, he is always full of surprises and always curous and smiling! Great experience to meet him! Great time! Milena Milanova, Sofia, Bulgaria

– You are very nice and communicative person with positive cs experience to share. I think it will be interesting for everyone to hear your stories and to think about travelling, Stanislava Lyutova, Varna, Bulgaria

– Krum, you are so charming. This person has about 1 000 interests in different areas and he also wants to change the world around him and really doing it. You won’t regret meeting or hosting him. Thank you for the invitation – I hope I will manage to come to Bern. Yoana Nedelcheva, Freiburg, Germany

– It was a comfortable stay at Krum’s place. He is a person with great personality, easy going and generous to let me stay for another night, on top of other things like the late night laundry wash! Enjoy the chat and agree it would be nice to have spent more time seeing the city together! Hopefully we can do this one day, you’re welcome to my country. Daisy Chui, London, England

– Krum and his friend stayed at my boyfriend’s place. They are very nice people and they prepared a delicious salad. Niño Demuria, Tbilisi, Georgia

– Krum is nice guy with nice character. i meet him and his friend Nikolay in kutaisi, i hosted them. at evning we tested georgian chacha, bulgariaan home make vodka and talkad nicely whole evning. i am glad that meet you, i am hopeful we met again! Shotiko Manjgaladze, Kutaisi, Georgia

– It was nice to meet Krum in Batumi we watch football together and have a fun. He likes wine and has sweet friends. Elena Borshukova, Tbilisi, Georgia

– It’s a long time since we met. Hope to see you soon again, maybe in another free hugs event? Or maybe in an event I organise. Blanca, Vechigen, Switzerland

– Although we spend just a little time talking, I can say Krum is a very a nice person.
I appreciated his company and I hope to meet him again soon to deepen the friendship. Davide, Bern, Switzerland

– Krum has a good attitude and is fun to talk to. It was a pleasure to meet you! Maya Fro, Basel, Switzerland

– Was nice to talk with you! Next time we’ll go for a longer walk, so we could talk a bit more. You are more than welcome in Thun! Marta Ramon, Thun, Switzerland

– Was very nice to meet you also at the Bern event. I’m sure we will catch up soon! You’re very welcome in Thun or wherever else I am also. Cheers mate! James Best, Thun, Switzerland

– Krum is a very thoughtful and one of a kind person – it seems he found his mission in life and still will not stop searching. Thank you Krum for the positive thought and the wisdom – it was very interesting to chat with you, you definitely have what to say. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon – for a hike in the mountains or just for a glass of wine. Mariana Barakchieva, Bern, Switzerland

– Even I haven’t spoken much with Krum, I could feel his presence and the positive energy he was spreading. Looking forward to meet him again, Matthias, Bern, Switzerland

– Krum is very polite, positive, talkative and extremely active couchsurfer. He often organises different events like hikes, trips, meetings… He has huge traveller experience and the topics to discuss with him can never end! And I am sure some of these conversations will make you think seriously about things of life. And, of course, you will also have a lot of fun. Just meet him! See you soon again, Krum! Kalin, Wuerzburg, Germany

– it was interesting to give a lift to him and his friend and then later see that they already ask me a couch! unfortunately i was not able to host them but definitly they are nice and possitive i would be so glad if i could meet them again maybe in future! Saina M, Fethiye, Turkey

– You are welcome.You came with abundance of the rain, maybe surprisingly not day just timing. I like rain. I was interested in latesly about the model of Waldorf, Montessori and alternative education. It was nice coincedence. We shared a lot about many things. Thank you too. I am happy what we share and get in touch and eager to share more and more that was just a beginning. Argın Kubin, Izmir, Turkey

– Krum is a nice and interesting person, we spent a whole day hiking in Cardada and eaten together in the night, at my place. It was a pleasure to share experiences and ideas, thank you Krum! See you soon. Laura Libertino, Minusio, Switzerland

– It was really nice to meet you and I’m really lucky that it seems like I found my way already, but I’m impressed by each person like you which are keep going to find their destiny! I’ll be happy to meet you again, you have been a really nice guest! Sandra Schmitz, Locarno, Switzerland

– Krum was really kind to accept me even when on the last minute. He gave me useful information about Bern, some nice cities in Europe I could skip and visit, apart from the tips on sending couch request based on the countries. I wish I had more time to spend with Krum. Nizar Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

– It’s been great to get to know Krum in the weekly meetings in Bern. He’s quite a smart and nice guy, a real traveler and life enjoyer, a person with whom you can have meaningful conversations. Angela Alzina, Basel, Switzerland

– It was really nice to meet Krum at the Bernese weekly meeting and sharing Couchsufing stories with such an experienced member like him. Looking forward to meet him again. Dany Schabrun, Bern, Switzerland

– Hey Krum! Thanks for ‘introducing’ me to ‘free hugs’ It was a great experience and all of you are such lovable persons! Would be awesome to see you again. Felizitas Steng, Bern, Switzerland

– Thank you so much Krum for organizing the Free Hug event in Bern. It was such a wonderful and great experience. I was very happy when I got home. Thanks for your generosity, openess, warmth. And I will always remember the way you peacefully stood there with open arms to offer hugs. see you! Anina Jurt, Bern, Switzerland

– It was a pleasure to have the chance to meet you. Also you were so kind to invite me at your place, to share your meal and your wine and lovely roommates with me. And much more important your time. One quote of my favorite book: “Giving to other people makes me feel alive. Not my car or my house. Not what I look like in the mirror. When I give my time, when I can make someone smile after they were feeling sad…” (Morrie Schwarz, Tuesdays with Morrie) That´s absolutely what you did 😉 merci for this great time. See you soon! Marie Monchaux, Bern, Switzerland

– I also enjoyed meeting you at the CS-evening and thought the topics we talked about where very interesting. I wish you a successful and fun time settling in in Switzerland and hope to see you again soon! Sabine Pfeiffer, Bern, Switzerland

– Krum is a very open-minded and nice guy. He made a perfect guest. You can have good and funny discussions with him. Also he has much experience and many interesting things to tell… It was nice meeting him. Christine Wiedmann, Solothurn, Switzerland

– For me it was also realy nice to host you! That you have brought me closer the sense of the flower of life has pleased me! The time together was very interesting! Your vast knowledge, interest and your positive way is very instructive! See you soon again and all the best for you! Tina Gluderer, Scuol, Switzerland

– I hosted Krum one night, but there would be definetly more to talk and experience than time can give in a single evening. He is a very respectful, experienced traveler and couchsurfer and i really hope our ways cross again in not too far future. Rene, Davos, Switzerland

– Krum, it was yeally great to have you here! it was a great pleasure to talk to you and learn about your opinions about life and politics, the journeys you’ve made and the experiences from Bulgaria; you’re just that kind of guy one have to like! stay as you are, because you’re a really special one! i’m sure we’ll meet again! Dominik Bohner, Arosa, Switzerland

– Krum seems to have an incredible knowledge, be it about the Balkans, history or all the different types of wines. He is passionate about his job as a Waldorf teacher and is now traveling the world to find the right place for him for teaching. But I hope it will be Innsbruck, so we can meet again. Thanks for the delicious wine and the wonderful evening we four had. I wish you all the best and a good time in Switzerland. Raffaela Gartner, Innsbruck, Austria

– We hosted Krum for two nights as he wanted to go hiking in our region. We didn’t have any CS experience before and were a bit unsure what to expect. We really enjoyed his company and he gave me a lot of couchsurfing tips and we also had some really good discussions! He used to organize CS events in Germany and I hope to participate if he starts organizing events here in Switzerland. Samuel Haab, Ilanz, Switzerland

– Krum is a nice and polite person! He is full of energy and involved in different interesting projects. You won’t be bored with him! I will be glad to meet you again somewhere on the earth! Marti Georg, Karlsruhe, Germany

– Krum is a very independent and enterprising surfer. His knowledge about historical and topical themes is amazing. It was really interesting to meet you and to discuss with you.
I hope we meet us again. Alex, Samedan, Switzerland

– Krum is a wonderful person. I enjoyed talking to him and exchanging ideas. He is very easy-going and uncomplicated. I would have him back any day! Olivier Duperrut, Bern, Switzerland

– It was a lucky coincidence to meet Krum in Innsbruck. Both guests in a great home, we got along very well. Krum is someone who isn’t afraid to shape his own paths, has reflected on his life and made choices accordingly, which I find a commendable trait. Hope to meet you again, and fully endorse you as a ‘pleasant person’! Reinier Vriend, Amsterdam, Netherlands

– Krum, it was very nice to meet you. You were a really nice and interesting first couchsurfer. I look forward to seeing you again. Michela Garrafa, Solothurn, Switzerland

– I hosted Krum for one night. He’s a very interesting person who has a lot of experience to share and to talk about. Krum is very optimistic and has a big will to make the world a better place. Daria Schmutz, Steffisburg, Switzerland

– Nice guy to chat with. He has many CS experiences to share. I recommend him. Gilles Pillonel, Lausanne, Switzerland

– Krum stayed one night at our apartment in Innsbruck and we spent a great evening cooking together, drinking wine and talking! Apart from his good taste of wine (thanks for the awesome Pfalz premium wine!) he is a very inspiring man with very interesting stories and thoughts. He can also tell you a lot about the Balkans and the original Waldorf concepts, and at the same time tell you stories which make you laugh and leave you amazed.
I wish you the best for your future, never lose your vision in terms of teaching and I hope to meet you again, wherever it will be! Nico, Innsbruck, Austria

– Very experienced and smart Couchsurfer, Andrej, Rab, Croatia

– Krum hosted me for 2 days during the Oktoberfest. He is a very hospitable, generous and peaceful guy. It was a pity that we couldn’t go to the Oktoberfest together, but I’m still glad that you hosted me and we were able to share nice conversations and got along very easily. Thank you so much for hosting me and you’re always welcome in Buenos Aires! Vane, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Krum is a wonderful host and a very interesting person! He hosted me and my friend Aytaj for two nights in Munich and we had such a great time there. When we arrived he made a delicious salad for us for dinner and shared a bottle of wine typical of the region with us. The next day he took us to very beautiful castle and a small traditional village near Munich. Beside this he gave us many advices for places to visit in the region and now I’m really looking forward to explore Bavaria in the near future. Kalina, Vienna, Austria / Bulgaria

– Dear Krum, thank you so much for being such an awesome host. We enjoyed your company, interesting discussions over super healthy dinner that you made. We also enjoyed the trip Linderhof with you. I appreciate your hospitality and hope to get an opportunity to host you as well. Aytaj Pashayeva, Krems, Austria / Azerbaijan

– Krum is very colorful, deep and bright person. It is an enrichment to spend time with him, to discus, to exchange ideas. I am happy to meet him and I also think that we’ll become good friends. I like free thinking and dreaming people, so if you like them also – meet Krum! Eli Dincheva, Munich, Germany / Bulgaria

– I had really pleasant time. You’re an nice person with interesting experience. It’d be nice to hear more about your adventures. Blagina, Munich, Germany / Bulgaria

– Krum is a nice guy and kind. Also thanks to him I spent a pleasant evening, see you soon! Dario Arduino, Munich, Germany / Italy

– Krum is a very genuine and easy going guy. Hope to see you more often man. Rodrigo Marquina, Munich, Germany / Spain

– Krum visited me in Perpignan, we shared a lot about Bulgaria, and he is a very clever guy! Cristo Woudsy, Perpignan, France

– Hi Krum, for me too it was really interesting to meet you and to discuss with you, even if we that was really short! Hope to see you again in France or in Germany, or in every other place in the world. Anaïs Le Floch, Marseille, France

– Krum is a nice guy, I host him for 2 days and I learned a lot about many things. He gave me really nice advices, like places to visit. Also I learned about culture of east Europe. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this guy! Krum hope to see you again and I hope that you visit Chile! Just let me know anything you need. All the best! Daniel Aldea Arias, Banyuls-sur-Mer, France

– Hola Krum, como estas, muchas gracias por compartir tus experencias con nosotros nos lo pasamos muy bien con vosotros y aprendimos mucho, espero que nos veamos algún dia por el mundo. Muchas suerte! Sergio y Rosa Santana Rubio, Cadiz, Spain

– It was really nice to meet you! I hope you enjoyed working in wine yards and tasting different wines! I hope to come soon in Germany! Aurelie Difus, Perpignan, France

– Krum is a very sweet man, very nice. He passed just one night in my home, and it was very interesting for me, very peaceful to. Thanks a lot, Krum. gaelle Reynaud, Montpellier, France

– Very nice experience with Krum, interested in French culture and wants to walk around the city where he stays to discover the country out of “les sentiers battus”. Happy to have met you and hope to have fun and visit your country later. Jean, Perpignan, France

– Hi Krum! You were our first CS guest and we are very happy about this experience! You are a very interesting person; we enjoyed a lot your stories about your CS experiences and the places where you’ve been travelling. Good luck with your new life in Munich! See you maybe there for a beer! Vicky and Alex, Montpellier, France / Italy / Germany / Uruguay

– Hi Krum, I hope next time we ll share more of our experience! You are always welcome in my place! All the best and see you around the world! Maurizio Dantonio, Sete, France / Italy

– Nice to meet Krum and talk about travel, Bulgaria and so one. My first experience with couch surfing! Sylvie G’sell, La Grande-Motte, France

– Krum is a very nice person. It was nice talking to him. That was an interesting exchange. We had a nice travel to one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Very open-minded and helpful. Noria, Nimes, France

– Very nice and calm guy, easygoing with lot of travelling experience and interesting stories. Jakop, Rijeka, Croatia

– Hi Krum, I enjoyed the time with you. You’re also a great guy with a lot of travelling experience. Your hints for Croatia were great; these Bulgaria will be for sure great too. You are always welcome at my home, if I’m not travelling. Hope we meet again, all the best! Gabriel Suter, Sursee, Switzerland

– Best essence in small bottle. Krum and his friend Nicola stayed with me just one day. Really good people! They prepared a fantastic healthy dinner with tasty Bulgarian salads. Krum have very positive, charming, calm attitude. He has courage, in an important job decision so… my best Krum! I was very comfortable speaking with you not easy topics, thanks for your deep attention and share experience and knowledge. Similar points so, perfect! Would be fantastic to see you again some time. Have a big hug! Michel Gonzalez, Santander, Spain

– Very experienced and smart Couch surfer! Andrej, Rab, Croatia

– Krum is super-polite, fine mannered listener and talker and to hang out with him even for a one evening was a huge pleasure for us, respect! You are welcome back again at any time! Good luck! Rina and Adriano, Rijeka, Croatia

– Thank you for being our guide to explore the Wine roads in Pfalz. It was a really nice day there. I’m almost done with the wine I got, so I think we’ll need to go again soon. See you somewhere around, there seems to be some more places like this that we should visit. Kristina Asenova, Sofia, Bulgaria

– Hey Krum, I very enjoyed our hiking trip and the wine testing. I think, we spend a very nice and good time together and I am glad that we got to know each other! I am looking forward for more hiking / drinking / whatever. Micha and I, both of us, would like to hike with you/meet you again! Good look and best wishes for you! See you! Corinna Uhr, Karlsruhe, Germany

– Hands down. One of the very best CS experiences. We spent hours speaking and I feel we could have spoken another couple of days without a problem! Very influential person! Very talkative, friendly and interesting. Rafa van Oppen Ardanaz, Santander, Spain

– Krum contacted to me asking about hosting him and his friends for a night here in Burela (Lugo-Spain). It would have been a pleasure, but finally they couldn’t come because Krum was injured on his finger. However He called me to explain and apologize for the situation, so everything was perfect with them, except that I would have prefered to meeting them in person, they had given me a really good impression. Thanks for everything guys, all the best to all of you wherever we are! Bany Fernández de Sousa, Burela, Spain

– Krum, Nicola and Maggie have been a good example of the nice people you can meet through couch surfing. Despite my misunderstanding about the arrival date, sorry about that, we manage to spend some time talking, and I would be glad to meet them again. I noticed Krum has a wide cultural knowledge, and you can learn a lot from him. Alberto Vazquez, A Coruna, Spain

– Krum and his friends, Nicola and Maggie, were with us one night and it was wonderful to meet them. We had a great walk, a delicious dinner and interesting conversations. It was a shame that they were not longer with us. I’d love to meet them again! Encarna Llor Mourente, Cangas, Spain

– It was my pleasure Krum! I have also enjoyed a lot your visit. Really nice talking and sharing that time with you. You are going to be an amazing teacher. Take care and good luck with your projects. Hope to see you soon! Gonzalo Jamardo Sabuz, Ourense, Spain

– Was a pleasure to host Krum. He is a fantastic person with positive energy. He is the type of person I like. Was so good to share many thoughts with him. One more great person I met with CS. You are always welcome to my place. My family also enjoyed your company. Ricardo Carvalho, Matosinhos, Portugal

– Krum! What can I say about him! Calm guy, does everything with attention. I enjoyed really his presence in home, we cook together the diner, we laugh a lot, and I felt that I know him for years! Thank you brother for bringing to my home smiles, your ideas, your discussions, see you someday somewhere in this planet! Ayoub Zahrani, Casablanca, Morocco

– Krum is a good guy. Very kind and calm. Meeting him was a pleasure. He’s Zen but funny at the same time. I asked him what he does. His answer was “I’m happy“. I’ll never forget that. I highly recommend him for. See you, man! Habib EL Kouchi, Casablanca, Morocco

– I was delighted to meet Krum through CS, as we hiked to Feldberg, Black Forest in Germany. Krum is a colossus when it comes to travelling and his knowledge of the world & Germany in particular. He organized our hike and it was perfectly done. It was great fun talking to him about travelling etc, as we hiked. Looking forward to meeting him again and he will be welcome always. Gokul Raju, Munich, Germany / India.

– Nice person who knows how to organize an event. I’m very happy to have participated in the excursion to Kaltenbronn. Gabriel Deschamps Lozano, Florianopolis, Brazil.

– Hey Krum, I have to thank you for coming up with the idea of renting sledges. The sledge ride and then joining the sledges together was awesome. You are spontaneous and you know how to connect with nature. That is an amazing quality to have so keep it up! Akanksha Bhutani, Karlsruhe, Germany / India.

– Such a great idea this hicking in Black Forest, a great meeting with very interesting people. Krum has the bravoury to be engaged in the Good for this planet, very honourable and courageous! Marthe Schäfer, Le Pouliguen, France.

– Perfect experienced organizer. Thank you! Svitlana Vakulenko, Nendeln, Liechtenstein / Ukraine.

– I hosted him at the weekend and it was great to hear his amazing histories about couchsurfing experiences. Now I have much more power to explore the world. He is very interesting personality from who you can learn! Denis and Natasha, Koenigswinter, Germany / Russia, 2012.

– Krum kindly took me and my boyfriend last-minute and we had a very nice evening talk. (I also appreciated sampling his goat milk butter and honey, and I will certainly seek it out in the U.S.!) It was a great pleasure to meet such a good and compassionate person. Kaye Sklar, Ljubljana, Slovenia / USA, 2012.

– He hosted me and my girlfirend for one night in Karlsruhe and for me it was a great pleasure. He has kind of internal calm in his way of living which I really like. I belive that this few interesting conversation has made my life at some point richer. Paweł Wita, Sulechow, Poland, 2012.

– Krum, you were a great, easy-going and interesting guy to host. Although it was only for one night, we spoke a lot and we really enjoyed your company. Enjoy your last days in Eindhoven, good luck with your projects and see you around someday!Hilke and Michiel vanDorsselaer, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2012.

– Krum and his friend Nikolay are both really easy to talk to. We went together to a barbecue and all our friends really liked them! We had really much fun and laughed the whole evening. Thanks for the nice visit! Nadine Zebisch, Bochum, Germany, 2012.

– You are one of a kind – just keep doing what you are doing. Looking forward to meeting you again. Deyana and Bobi, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012.

– Positive guest, Fiann Paul, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2012.

– Krum was the first person ever who told me about Couchsurfing. He really lives the whole idea of it and has enourmous stories to tell. I believe you can call him Mr Couchsurfing! Thomas Steinbicker, Sliema, Malta / Germany, 2012.

– Krum, I think you are a great guy who brings people together! Thank you for the oportunity to take part at the Book Club meeting in Karlsruhe! See you, whereever it may be. Clemens Pasch, Tianjin, China / Germany, 2012.

– Dear Krum, thanks a lot for the great time in Germany! I was the luckiest surfer you’ve ever had – just had left your job, you were free and able to show me such awesome places I wouldn’t discover without you. It was the best part of my trip visiting so beautiful small cities, gorgeous castles … it was great! Thank you so much for sharing all your time, ideas, thanks also for the great stories and experiences. I was fortunate enough to be hosted by Krum – he is the perfect host! Krum is very positive, open-minded, and always ready to help others, to share everything. He has great plans and ideas and I am sure everything will happen very soon. I’m extremely happy I have the opportunity to know you! Wish you all the best and good luck with your future plans! Thanks again and see you soon. Nadya Dimitrova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012.

– Positive. Oleg B, Frankfurt am Main, Germany / Ukraine, 2012.

– Krum is a polite, friendly and very intelligent person, I only met him one time on a hiking trip so far. But we had a highly inspiring talk and I feel there is a big and interesting story behind him. A universe of its own. We will meet again for sure. Keep the spirit alive, Krum! Oliver Kissling, Worms, Germany, 2012.

– Many thanks for the last weekend – for the hike, for the long Sunday walk, for taking me with you for cherries, for the enjoyable conversation, for the inspirational thoughts, for showing me around and for all the other moments on the way! It was great experience! Keep your kind-heartedness and optimism! … I wish you lots of luck with your great OM project! Ekaterina Uzunova, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria / Germany, 2012.

– Thank you Krum, for inviting everyone to this hike and giving us the chance to meet, also for sharing your time, knowledge and friendship so generously. It is inspiring to see how attentive you are and how you are living your ideas and I hope this wasn’t the last time we met. Thanks especially for letting me try your five-finger shoes. I’m looking forward to our next hike! Lisa Wasserstrass, Weinheim, Germany, 2012.

– We really enjoyed having you here and it was not just your shoes that we liked. You’re a kind, open and confident person. I would absolutely host you again! Marike, Bonn, Germany, 2012.

– It is always very interesting to talk with Krum. A kind person with a great sense of humour. Simeon Baumann, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2012.

– Krum was a very nice guest. We spent a very funny night with him and my friends who liked him. He’s very intelligent and interesting to talk to. Only positive experience! Valentina Rusnac, Klaipeda, Lithuania / Moldova, 2012.

– You have sense for a good conversation. Evgeny Klementyev, Stuttgart, Germany / Russia, 2012.

– Krum arrived with a box of marzipan, as he saw our enthusiasm of having it; another box came out of his bag as a pleasure for us. Even though I met him only for one night he left an impression as a polite and pleasant guy! Sabine, Riga, Latvia, 2012.

– We had nice evenings with sweets and long talks. He is a very interesting, relaxed and open minded guy with a large travelling experience and a big baggage with stories. I would definitely like to meet you again and get to know you more. Elina Vilcane, Tromso, Norway / Latvia, 2012.

– Krum, it was definitely a pleasure to host you and to speak about all these things, including differences between inspiration and motivation and to know about these interesting projects you are working on. It always feels good to meet people who keep being curious and concerned about their surroundings – and themselves. Eglė Mikalajūnė, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012.

– Even though we met just briefly, I was impressed … Rostislav Kirchev, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012.

– Krum is very nice to talk to, seemingly hyperactive and laid-back at the same time. I met him at a nice hike he organised and I’m looking forward to meet him again. Stéphane Le Roux, Darmstadt, Germany / France, 2012.

– Krum is a perfect organizer of hiking events! We can be grateful that he makes couch surfing a lot more colourful! Chris Schenk, Heidelberg, Germany, 2012.

– Krum and I talked a bit while hiking in the beautiful black forest. He is a very friendly person and has a lot of respect for the world and other living things. Looking forward to our next conversation. Kate McGovern, Kaiserslautern, Germany / USA, 2012.

– Krum is a fun guy to hang out with. He is trying to become a wine connoisseur and he shared some of his knowledge with us which was great. Looking forward to hike with him again and if you live anywhere around Karlsruhe – he is the man. Naresh Byalahalli Suryaprakash, Stuttgart, Germany / India, 2012.

– It was intriguing for me to meet Krum and to learn about his convictions and the way he puts them into action. He radiates ease and obviously reflects on what is happening around him. I’d love to talk you again one day. Thank you for surfing my couch and all the best. Annegret Weit, Mannheim, Germany, 2012.

– Krum, thanks that you organized this event. It was very nice. We have made it already in the last autumn but sharing it with people like you and all the others who participated was even more pleasant. I wish you luck with your interesting projects and hope to see you soon again! Michele Amorosino Cologne, Germany / Italy, 2012.

– It was great to meet you and I enjoyed chatting with you. You are a warm open person who is easy to get along with and I look forward to meeting you again. Shona Fawcett, Kaiserslautern, Germany / United Kingdom, 2012.

– Krum had a great idea to arrange a hiking tour in Ahr valley. He has very good organising skills – he managed to gather 16 people, provided us with good information, no one got lost and he knows how to find good shortcuts. I’m definitely looking forward to the next hike! Piotr Blaszczyk, Bonn, Germany / Poland, 2012.

– I met Krum during the hike at Ahr which he flawlessly organized. Krum as a person is really trustworthy, very humble and extremely gentle. His opinions and ideologies regarding how to live healthy and spiritually are very inspirational. He is one of my close friends now and I intend to meet him more often. Pharaz Arsh, Mainz, Germany / Pakistan, 2012.

– Krum was the organizer of a hiking tour along the river Ahr. He did a great job. The hike (and all the wine tasting during the hike) was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the company of the generally nice and relaxed group. Nese Sahin, Bonn, Germany / Turkey, 2012.

– Thanks, Krum, for organizing this beautiful hiking trip along the Ahr! Nice people and a nice tour through wine paths! Janina Bobrowski, Cologne, Germany / Poland, 2012.

– Krum, thanks for inviting to this trail along the vine area close to my base. Didn’t know that so far. It was a cool group and we shared a lot of same ways of thinking. Marc, Cologne, Germany, 2012.

– Krum, you did a well job organising the tour. So relaxed and everything under control. I am glad to meet you and to have had fun together. Gençay, Cologne, Germany / Turkey, 2012.

– Krum is a nice guy, curious and witty … Thanks for organizing the nice hike, a great experience and great muscle soreness afterwards! But the place was amazing, as well as the people we went with! Look forward to some more hiking with you and hope to be able to take part in the meetings you organize, sound interesting! Elisa, Mannheim, Germany / Italy.

– Great guy! Thank you for your hospitality and inspiring conversations. Jan, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012.

– Krum – what a pleasure to know you. I like your ideas of living and get positive vibes while you talk about living in a sustainable community. Great idea which I totally share and hope we both keep going for it. I can highly recommend meeting Krum. A very friendly and open-minded man. He is definitely a person that goes for his dreams. I love those people and hope we stay in contact for creating a good world. Try to meet him! Verena, Darmstadt, Germany, 2012.

– A very nice and sympathetic person! Michael Genschy, Bad Reichenhall, Germany, 2012.

– Krum is very friendly, open, and intelligent. He always has something interesting to contribute and it is a pleasure to know him. Domino Gehred-O’Connell, Rheinzabern, Germany / USA, 2012.

– A very friendly and easy going guy. Organizing tons of events. Carola, Stuttgart, Germany, 2012.

– Krum is a nice, gentle and very knowledgeable guy I felt immediately comfortable with. We share a lot of interests and surely the evening was way too short for us. So I’m happy having found a great buddy nearby and am very much looking forward to future events and activities and to inspiration and motivation I can get from and share with Krum. Thanks a lot! Daniel Lang, Gundelsheim, Germany, 2012.

– Very nice to meet you during this wonderful walk! Thanks for organising this event. Hope to see you again. Magali Fouchou, Dublin, Ireland / France, 2012.

– You organized a very nice trip to the Odenwald and we had very interesting discussions about Bulgaria and its history and society! I would definitely like to meet you again soon to continue our discussions. Andreas Koritke, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2012.

– Krum, it is great to know you and I’m very happy that we work on great projects together. I hope we will spend more time in the future, speak, travel, enjoy and have a great time. Georgi Arabadjiev, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012.

– I had a great time visiting Krum at his home; there even was a sauerkraut pie, BG style, which I adore. He and his friends have many interesting things and projects on their minds. I liked Krum; he seems a very wise man, especially for his age. Well composed and spiritual. I would be very glad to speak with him again sometime wherever we meet. Sava Parvanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012.

– Krum is a very enthusiastic personality keen about organising various events to congregate people with versatile interests. He is rich of many ideas that would easily spread and grab others into active participation. He has demonstrated competency and knowledge on a wide array of topics, well-versed to readily take up a conversation on just about any social item. Hospitable, he properly selects people that would fit into a spontaneous group circle to easily predispose people to share their opinions and ideas. Interestingly enough, we were born on the same date, June 29th, attributable to our enthusiasm and organisational nature. Kaloyan, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012.

– Krum, thanks for organizing the meeting, I had a great time! Especially trying to learn some Bulgarian traditional dances, lots of fun 🙂 It’s really good to see what you do for the CS community and thus bring people together. Hope to meet you soon again for some more creativity and a good conversation. Daniel Bichsel, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2012.

– Krum is a very active and creative guy making this world a better place to be in. Juanjo Sanchez, Karlsruhe, Germany / Spain, 2012.

– Krum, thank you for organizing a Creativity Meeting, it’s such a great idea, to have fun while creating something with other people from dancing together to tricks with cards and origami. Thank you! You seem to be full of knowledge and wisdom on personal development, alternative healing practices; I’m really looking forward to meet you again to know more about you. Thanks once again, I’m glad I had a chance to meet you. And I’m sure I’ll see you again. Ruta Danyte, Dublin, Ireland / Lithuania, 2012.

– Krum has very interesting stories to tell and great objectives in life. And he’s not only talking about making the world a better place but doing it! Anna, Wildenstein, France / Germany, 2012.

– Krum is a very warm-hearted person but also a great host and organizer who is not only taking part in couch surfing but actively shapes the couch surfing culture in Karlsruhe. This was the first time I joined one of his meetings and I hope there will be many more! Daniel Schlachter, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2012.

– I think you are an open-minded person, your life-philosophy is special (if more people think like you, the world would be a better place!) and you are a damn cool guy! Bettina Rohleder, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2012.

– Wow! Krum is such an amazing person! I am very happy to meet you. I enjoyed my time with you and thank you for the wonderful salad you made for me. You are so kind to help me about the rest of my trip. You are very welcome at my home … Annick Dupont, Beloeil, Canada, 2012.

– Krum has a thoughtful, warm-hearted mind – and is by far the most active and social person I’ve met. His spiritual nature and knowledge about people and countries is very impressive – and I admire him for what he has seen and who he has met through all his travels. Nina Wellstein, Stuttgart, Germany, 2012.

– Krum, it was so nice to meat you! Thank you for lovely evening, I got to know a lot of new things … Misa, Berlin, Germany / Czech Republic, 2012.

– Krum seems to be intelligent, open-minded and he has a special balance of being serious and silly at the same time. Nadja Wilken, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2012.

– Krum, thank you very much for the invitation, cause I had a really great time. I’m very glad that I took part in this hike. I’m looking forward to meeting you again. Maria & Florian, Stuttgart, Germany / Poland, 2012.

– Thanks for organising the wonderful hike to Kaltenbronn! I am glad I joined, and I am already looking forward to the next one! Of course you are welcome to surf my couch should there be an opportunity! Tina, Ettlingen, Germany, 2012.

– Krum is open-minded, easy-going person. He told me a lot about his experience in Germany, also it was easy to talk with him about any topic. We were hiking around Black forest. The weather was great. Everybody was friendly and talkative. This hike was great. Max Fomin, Mannheim, Germany / Russia, 2012.

– Krum, thanks for the invitation! I really enjoyed the nice hike, I had a great time. The weather, the people, all was so great. It was nice to meet you, you are a really nice person and I hope we can meet again soon. You are welcome to visit me. Lucho Palacios Stuttgart, Germany / Argentina, 2012.

– Krum is a very interesting person and a good organizer and guide. We had numerous chats during our hiking trip and I am looking forward to meet him again. Premchand Nutakki, Heidelberg, Germany / India, 2012.

– Krum is very polite, positive, talkative and extremely active. He often organises different events like hikes, trips, meetings… He has huge traveller experience and the topics to discuss with him can never end! And I am sure some of these conversations will make you think seriously about things of life. And, of course, you will also have a lot of fun. Just meet him! Kalin, Darmstadt, Germany, 2011.

– Krum is great to talk to! One of those people who don’t stop living 🙂 I can learn a lot from him. Someday I expect to go on an adventurous trip in the same company of people. Fun, smiling and positive guy. Alexandra Jermova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011.

– I knew Krum by reputation, from his posts as well as from a friend who was very impressed with his rhetorical fireworks and had told me about him! Before we met I already had the premonition that this would be one hell of a guy, and our meeting did not prove me wrong. Krum is sunshine! One of those people that you will notice even in a room full of hundreds of people. Smart, enthusiastic and exciting, you can’t help but like him from the first moment. I will definitely make sure I meet him again and you all should do the same. Natalia Zlateva, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011.

– Krum is nice, smart and kind guy full of energy for organizing events. He is really enthusiastic for developing new projects and to meet new people. Krum organized lovely trip to Cherni vruh which was perfect. We had great weather, splendid panorama and great people around. Thank you for organizing it, it was perfect! Milos Kuzem, Sofia, Bulgaria / Slovenia, 2011.

– Krum, it was my pleasure to hike Cherni vruh with you and such a nice company. The weather was perfect indeed. And your good attitude to everything inspired me to be more positive. Keep going! Thank you very much indeed! Looking forward to see you again! Petar Aleksiev, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011.

– Krum organized a hiking trip to mount Cherni Vruh… it was great sunny Sunday with a lot of fresh snow and we all had fun! I’m glad I jointed that trip! Met some really nice people. Thanks for that day! Hope to see you soon again! Mariya Tsvetanova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011.

– I envy your active spirit, entrepreneur personality and youth Krum. Ivan Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011.

– Krum, I love how spontaneous and open-minded you are and admire how much travelling you have done in such short time 🙂 Thanks again for everything, I felt very welcome and at home at your place! Adele Marthaler, Muenster, Germany, 2011.

– … I really appreciated the way you paid attention to the community! Heidrun Auth, Freiburg, Germany, 2011.

– You do seem very active, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and full of life. Oliver Mitevski, Karlsruhe, Germany / Macedonia, 2011.

– He’s very active, organizing all kinds of events and meetings. Being close to him is being close to where the action is. Luis De La Garza, Tuebingen, Germany / Mexico, 2011.

– Krum is a very dynamic, curious, open-minded, friendly and versatile person. It was a pleasure to meet him and I am really looking forward to our book club meetings! Tatiana Eremenko, Munich, Germany / Russia, 2011.

– I have met Krum many times now. At a book club, a creativity meeting, as well as on a hike in the Black Forest. He organized a hike for 14 people and led us through the bush without getting us lost! He’s a natural leader and very modest about it. He took the time to get to know everyone in the group and showed everyone an equal amount of respect. I feel privileged to have met him; he will most likely be one of those people that we read about in the papers one day who has changed the world for a better place. He has been a very positive influence on me and has become a good friend. He has even taught me some Bulgarian folk dancing 🙂 An overall great guy. Candice Calder, Karlsruhe, Germany / Canada, 2011.

– … He seems very cheerful and kind-hearted and I would definitely hang out with him again, 2011.

– Krum, thanks for organizing all these hikes and events … Our tour around the wine yards was nice, I should definitively try to come more often to the regular hikes. Max, Karlsruhe, Germany / France, 2011.

– Nice, easy-going person. Alex, Karlsruhe, Germany / Macedonia, 2011.

– He is a very communicative, sociable and open guy. It is great to know him. Richard Korytár, Karlsruhe, Germany / Slovak Republic, 2011.

– Krum, thanks for organizing a walking tour, it was very nice. Ana Flasker, Porto, Portugal / Slovenia, 2011.

– Thanks for the good time! I enjoyed talking to you, too, and was very impressed by your initiative, energy, and way of thinking. Hope to meet you again in the future! Bernhard, Freiburg, Germany / Switzerland, 2011.

– Thanks a lot for your visit, I very much enjoyed the evening and the inspiring conversation. I really liked your positive approach to life and people, and felt very inspired by your energy and thoughts on, – and especially actions towards – sustainability. Hope to see you soon again! Stefanie Kralisch, Freising, Germany / Mexico, 2011.

– Dear Krum, thanks for introducing me to this experience! Wow, what a walk! But even though I thought I generally disliked hiking, you definitely made me change my opinion! That’s why I love couch surfing, it helps to broaden one’s mind! I truly enjoyed hosting you last weekend: I loved sharing thoughts and views on all kinds of things! I think that you’re a very nice and ambitious person and I genuinely hope that your projects will be a success! Hope I’ll see you again sometime soon, take care and stay happy! All the best! Marion Labriga, Sao Paulo, Brazil / Germany, 2011.

– He is very organized, easy going and knew exactly where to go. André Alcalde, Freiburg, Germany / Brazil, 2011.

– Krum was our guide during the hike; he had a high quality of organiser, manager. Cyrille Geslin, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France, 2011.

– Krum organized a hiking tour which was awesome and was a great guide. He is a nice guy with interesting ideals. Oier Mees, Zarautz, Bask Country, 2011.

– Krum was the perfect guest! Funny, smart, polite…we had a great evening, a great conversation … we shared a lot of thoughts and experiences! Thanks for being my guest! Johanna Pretsch, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– … It was my first hike in the region I live and I enjoyed it pretty well … he is a very clever, friendly and down to earth person. We had good fun together and laughed a lot … you are always welcome to visit me … Annabel Scharge
Kronberg im Taunus, Germany, 2011.

– Thank you Krum, for everything! You are a very kind and open person and it would be nice to meet again. Definitely inform me of your next trip … Helena Lenotschka, Frankfurt am Main, Germany / Russia, 2011.

– It was fun meeting Krum, and being guided by him for the beautiful hike in the countryside of Hessen. He is funny, kind, and sensitive. I will look forward to meeting him on other occasions. Praveen Khemka, Frankfurt am Main, Germany / India, 2011.

– Thank you for all the work you’ve done to make so many people happy! Anna Ovsyannikova, Mainz, Germany / Russia, 2011.

– We spend a really nice evening, cooking, drinking wine and talking for many hours. Krum is an extremely open minded person; he has so much to talk about and many experiences to share! I wish you all the best and success in everything you do! Svenja Mück, Darmstadt, Germany, 2011.

– Very nice and welcoming person … Mickaël Rousset, Vienne, France, 2011.

– It was a great, enriching experience meeting Krum. You are very smart, observing, interested and interesting person. I do believe you have a special talent and calling in working in peoples’ lives. I love your passion and endurance and will try to remember your example in my own striving. I’m also glad you enjoyed my children and motivated me to continue with them as I do. Hope to get to know you better. Jennifer, Karlsruhe, Germany / Scotland, 2011.

– The man who made me dreaming about his trips all over Europe and about his couch surfing stories. I spent a very good evening with him and my boyfriend. Krum is a really nice and welcoming host. Caroline Bolle, Lyon, France, 2011.

– … Everyone should meet this extremely warm and friendly person! Johanna Nurmi, Blacksburg, USA / Finnland, 2011.

– Krum, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we’ll be able to communicate more in future too! wish you success in everything you do! stay positive and open-minded. Magi Nazer, Sofia, Bulgaria / Palestina, 2011.

– Krum is an extremely open minded and outgoing person – thanks for introducing me to some really nice people. Daniela, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– He let a good impression. Franco Chilese, Verona, Italy, 2011.

– I enjoyed very much hosting Krum; we had lots of interesting chats, shared great healthy meals and swam in heavenly places. I really would like to cross your path again soon. Catherine Boivent, Neydens, France, 2011.

– It was a great time with the group at the total eclipse of the moon … I really enjoyed it and met great people! Coach surfing is great opportunity for fun and enjoying life! Thanks that you invite me for different events! Zorica Simovska, Karlsruhe, Germany / Macedonia, 2011.

– Well-mannered, soft spoken and helpful guest. You will enjoy talking to Krum as he has a lot to tell you, being an addict traveller himself. Krum is extremely friendly … He is full of dreams and working hard to achieve it … Lina, Oslo, Norway / Malaysia, 2011.

– Hi Krum! It was certainly my pleasure to make it for the full moon eclipse hike. It was a fun event and you did a great job to organize it. You’re a cool guy with an exemplary spirit and positive attitude, so indeed I look forward to seeing you again … Marc Terbraak, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2011.

– Krum, thank you very much for organizing the moon walk! I’m sure we will meet each ohter again soon. Every time I meet couchsurfers I get more excited with the community! Volker, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– An extremely active organizer! Mario Maag, Bischwiller, France / Germany, 2011.

– Meeting you at the meet was a pleasure indeed! Hope to see you soon again. Bhut Jolokia, Heidelberg, Germany / India, 2011.

– It’s absolutely awesome that Krum organizes such great events! Thank you very much! Bastian Becker, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– Thanks for this great event. The place was so beautiful and the people very nice. I’m glad to call this event as my “first great experience with CS”. You’re very nice (and tolerant because of my delay). It’s great that you’re so active and creative what is shown by all your travel experiences and organized events. Anne Mohaupt, Keltern, Germany, 2011.

– Thank you very much for organizing the full moon hiking. This was a really great experience, because I met so many friendly and open-minded people at one place … just amazing. It is great that you organize such trips, because it brings people together. Lukas Schmidt, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– I meet Krum, when he invited me to go to the Black Forest and have a walk in the nature and the wine yards in Baden. Krum is a nice guy, interested, knows a lot about places … Leonardo Massaguer, Karlsruhe, Germany / Brazil, 2011.

– … Very nice host! And also a very good touristic guide. Really nice person with very interesting personality. It´s really amazing how much I have learnt from you in only a few hours. Couch Surfing is lucky to have people like you between their members. Igor Maiztegi, Gaildorf, Germany / Bask Country, 2011.

– … Krum is a very interesting person who can tell you a lot about the world and the nature … Steffen, Offenburg, Germany, 2011.

– Very cool to meet you … on the full-moon-hike event. It was very communicative and I enjoyed exchanging general experiences. Christian Rest, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– We went for a beautiful walk together, and Krum was very welcoming … I hope that we can meet again on one of the next occasions and I can get to know you better. Rosmarie Blomley, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– This was my first Couch surfing event and it was already great! 🙂 … Keep up your good work! Edmund Hertle, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– Krum is a very nice and talkative man … I really appreciated the fact that Krum knew a lot about plants, trees, or animals. It was really impressive. Jean-Marie Le Bourhis, Quimper, France, 2011.

– … Krum is a very interesting and profound person who cares about the life, the world and the people living in there … you are more than welcome here again! Anji, Offenburg, Germany, 2011.

– Krum is a really dynamic and nice person! The day with him was much too short … Krum, I’d really like to see you again and you’re welcome anytime in France … The entire hike was pure joy, with splendid and open-minded people like Krum … Martial Job, Strasbourg, France, 2011.

– Thanks for taking me on that hike! I enjoyed the scenery and also our conversation a lot … Sara, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– Our trip to Albania was a great experience, Krum! … You are a very cosmopolitan, open-minded person with lots of respect towards humans and nature. I really enjoyed the way how you make most of different cultures and countries and adopt and perceive them … Alex Kossman, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2011.

– Krum is maybe the most dynamic person I know. He is very nice and open-minded and always proposes doing interesting activities! I’m sure it can’t be boring with him! Dimana Shishkova, Karlsruhe, Germany / Bulgaria, 2011.

– … Nice time we have had at our April Full Moon Hike … no, it was more like a promenade or a stroll. Chatting and laughing all the time in German, Italian, French and English … Mykal, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2011.

– … I finally had the chance to take part in one of Krum’s wonderful hikes, and to get to know him. He’s a great guy with lots and lots of energy, and he really applies the Couch surfing ideas in a very broad way: helping, sharing experiences, ideas, knowledge … Florian Nisbach, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– I had a lot of fun with Krum and I would like to meet up with him again. He is a genuine man, really nice guy and well educated. It’s a pleasure to pass the time with him and heard his adventures. Moreover he’s really funny and you will enjoy for sure his company! Alberto Steffani, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany / Italy, 2011.

– … I hope you will come again to Freiburg because you are a very nice guest and even on one day I could learn a lot from you. Thanks again for organising this hike! Wish you all the best. Amélie Monnoyer, Freiburg, Germany / France, 2011.

– Had an awesome time hiking with Krum and a few others near Freiburg. Impromptu sledding, barefoot hiking, money in melting snow, and a last minute picnic … Julia Sievert, Oldenburg, Germany / USA, 2011.

– Thank you for organising the hikes. We had so much fun with Krum … Mario Jungschläger, Stuttgart, Germany, 2011.

– … Thank you a lot for organizing this great hike, I enjoyed it very much! … Miriam, Berlin, Germany, 2011.

– A hyperactive, sustainable socialiser with projects all the time. You should not miss to meet him. I hope that I can meet him soon and that we do some positive together. Jula-Kim, Darmstadt, Germany, 2011.

– … He is nice bright and knowledgeable man. I wish we can meet one day again wherever whenever … Sherif Badawy
Elmhurst, United States / Egypt, 2011.

– Krum is very kind, calm and friendly guy… Ugnė Baravykaitė, Edinburgh, Scotland / Lithuania, 2011.

– … Krum is a really nice friendly guy … Allannah Sandham, Manchester, England, 2011.

– I enjoyed meeting you at the free hugs event. And it was nice to spend a little bit time with you … I am sure we will see each other soon… Aurélie-Anne Ramariavelo, Berlin, Germany / Reunion, 2011.

– I have to thank you a lot for initiating Free Hugs in Karlsruhe – it was a complete success! You’re a very nice person with a positive charisma and quite interesting interests and points of view. I like your way of seeing the world and your openness … Chiara, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2011.

– Very nice person and had a great time at the event. Elke, Sindelfingen, Germany, 2011.

– … If you meet Krum you will like him from the start. He is easy going, likes figs and wine and cares a lot about nature … Hope to meet you again! Marta Zgierski, Darmstadt, Germany / Poland, 2011.

– Thanks for creating the hiking event … the event was a great success, I will gladly join you in other events in the near future. Johann Lutterodt, Karlsruhe, Germany / Ghana, 2011.

– Krum is a Couch Surfing gem! I had a lot of fun with him on the hike he organized to see the Almond tree blossoms and we had great conversation! I am looking forward to seeing him again. Christine Morrison, Pasadena, United States, 2011.

– Surfing with Krum was nice and spontaneous. I only called him and asked for a couch 4 hours before I arrived. So thanks for welcoming me and thanks for organizing the nice hiking-trip … Tanya, Wackernheim, Germany, 2011.

– Krum is the final water drop in my curiosity cup, which made me join CS. All the wonderful stories about his CS experiences made me finally decide to appear here as well. Thank you so much, for making the world a more joyful place. Svetleto Goranova, Sofia, Bulgaria / Ukraine, 2011.

– 🙂 Jarosław Augustyniak, Kamienica, Poland, 2011.

– Thanks guys! Somehow you fit in to our place, not like guests, but more like a members :). We enjoyed your company very much. Both of you are kind of people who is pleasure to meet … Lucia and Tomas Dravecky, Ruzomberok, Slovakia, 2011.

– Have a chance to spend time with Krum is surely worth of sign up to CS. Hiking and travelling with responsible and clever person (as Krum definitely is) is always added value. Juraj Barbuscak, Martin, Slovakia, 2011.

– Krum and his friends took me out in to the Cold Ice Frozen Slovak Paradise and what a day it was. Interesting talk about Bulgarian history took me back to Azbuka times. Krum thank you and good luck on your trips. Lenka and Lubos, Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia, 2011.

– Krum is a great person – very friendly, helpful and open for new people and new adventures. We had really nice time with him here 🙂 He is kind of people you have real pleasure to host 🙂 High recommendation 🙂 Gosia Nowosad, Kamienica, Poland / all over the world, 2011.

– Krum and his friends were very polite, gentle and open minded … Bernhard und Karin Kreuzer, Salzburg, Austria, 2011.

– Krum and his two friends just stayed for one night but they didn´t mind chatting half of this night. Very, very, very positive: they prepared a nice breakfast for me, with a lot of delicacies. I’m deeply impressed how much they travel. Keep it up! Michaela Berger, Sachsenburg, Austria, 2011.

– He’s very interesting person. Have a lot of travelling experiences. A lot’s of information. And mostly he’s able to use the heart as brain as well, when he listen, speak or act! Very interesting guest! Dušan Trušnovec, Tolmin, Slovenia, 2011.

– I hosted Krum and his friends for one night, we had a pleasant conversation about couch surfing, politics and entrepreneurship … Ziga Mlakar, Bohinj, Slovenia, 2011.

– Hi Krum, it has been great to meet you. You are such an unworried and social guy… during the party you managed to mingle with just about everybody. I was truly impressed. It was great to speak with you and it felt like we could talk for ages. Great experience! We will definitely keep in touch and meet again soon! Hugs, Gabi P., Amsterdam, Netherlands / Bulgaria, 2010.

– Krum, I like your reference – it is different. In a good way… About Greenland I can say that I would be happy to host you … I think that Sofia is a place of opportunities and it has a bright future and therefore many of us foreigners will come to live and work here …All the best to you in the New Year! Niels Rosbach Møller, Sofia, Bulgaria / Greenland, 2010.

– It was a real pleasure to meet you on Christmas and I hope that I’ve discovered a new friend! You’ve got very positive attitude to people and you seem open to all kinds of new acquaintances, places and experiences…I wish you lots of joy, love and happiness in the coming year! Maria Chankova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010.

– … Was nice meet Krum, and talk about our travelling and project. He is friendly and positive. I hope I will meet again him soon. Jose Castro, Albolote, Spain, 2010.

– Krum taught me a lot about Bulgaria, history, geography and culture, it was really interesting. Then I saw him so happy to talk to other persons, he is the kind of guy who lives with meeting people. Anthony Fleury, Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico / France / globe-trotter, 2010.

– I think he is a very optimistic and outgoing guy – definitely the right company for a party! He has always an interesting story to tell, so I`ll be happy to meet him again … Milena Ilieva, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010.

– Nice to meeting you Krum, we had nice talk and lots of fun at that party, you gave me lots of ideas and you welcome to visit my town surfing my couch. Przemek Pavlo, Corfu, Greece, 2010.

– I’m so glad that I get to know someone very friendly and so humble such Krum, we had very nice conversation and we talked about many subjects. See you … and don’t hesitate … to visit me – your second house here mate. Jamal, Marrakech, Morocco, 2010.

– My flatmates and I were pleased to host a kind guy! I enjoyed to met Krum, we shared good time talking about nice life experiences. Orbe, Switzerland, 2010.

– I am pleased we could be your hosts and that you enjoyed the stay in Budapest. I am happy that our first CS experience could be as good as this one; I wish I had no worse in the future either. You are really an all the time positively thinking person, I will keep this way of looking at the world in mind while I am on my everyday run and struggling with work. You are welcome … to stay with us at any other time; I do hope to meet you again … Marci, Kata and Gabor Laczkó, Budapest, Hungary, 2010.

– Krum is a good man. It was fun, interesting and made me want to travel to Bulgaria, staying with him. Thank you for the inspiring conversation and ideas for the project – and the yummy veggie salad. And his CS-connections helped me find a home for Strasbourg, fantastic. Simon Schnetzer, Kempten, Germany, 2010.

– Krum and his friend came for a weekend and were very nice and interesting guests! Gisi Zeindlinger, Graz, Austria, 2010.

– For a first experience, it couldn’t go better! Krum is the perfect person for long night chats with some good wine! He’s a real traveller, never complaining and very funny person! I’m really looking forward meeting you again … Pao, Budapest, Hungary / France / Italy, 2010.

– Krum is a wonderful guest! Even though I had a stress time, it was no problem at all. We met some friends of mine … all in all I did really enjoy it! Thank you for the invitation, I´ll write it in my calendar and let you know if I can join you. Adele Knall, Vienna, Austria, 2010.

– It was great to meet up Krum and share a few ideas about making this world a better place. I also hope to have another chance to meet again. If you’re around just pop in a message. All the best with you work, travels and life. Kri, Saint Paul’s Bay, Malta, 2010.

– Krum answered my question I asked two days before I met him. I knew there was a website that was dealing with funding of small projects. Like if you send a thought out there and it comes back enriched… We spoke about many interesting topics concerning environment and society … Thanks for the inspirations, Krum! Robert Sevcik, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2010.

– I hosted Krum and his friend, they were extremely friendly and nice to be around – and they managed to see incredibly much in 3 days in Iceland. I take my hat of for them! When you come to Iceland again, you will have to stay at my house. Elin Bjarnadottir, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2010.

– I think you don´t need more references, so I just say: Thank you very much for hosting me. We made moonlight walking together in Freiburg. I´m new on CS and he told me a lot about how to surf and host with CS. Thanks. Georg Paulus, Freiburg, Germany, 2010.

– Warm-hearted and inspirational! It was a pleasure to host Krum and I sincerely hope we meet again. Johanna, Cologne, Germany, 2010.

– Krum is a very nice, open minded and interesting person! It was fun to host him and to listen to his various CS-experiences! Eva Tietjen, Berlin, Germany, 2010.

– We had a good time together. It was fun to go mud hiking with someone who is curious about all that stuff, and he has a lot of interesting things to tell. Overall: absolutely positive, hope we will meet again someday! Always welcome here! Meike Herder, Norden, Germany, 2010.

– It was my pleasure to meet you finally in Berlin! Yes, we and my friends had a lot of fun during your staying in the weekend- football, party, especially Wannsee not to forget. I hope we will see again very soon anywhere. Take care and all the best! Christina Atanasova, Berlin, Germany / Bulgaria, 2010.

– I surfed Krum’s couch for 4 days… It was very nice meeting him and his flat mates. They were very friendly and open. I hope to meet them again … Silke Kamchen, Muenster, Germany, 2010.

– Nice person to meet and to talk to… Hope to meet you again! Ada, Nice, France / Romania, 2010.

– I hope the rest of your trip was as nice as the soccer game. I really enjoyed our little talk, you’re welcome to stop by again any time – and I will let you know when my long time plan of visiting Bulgaria becomes reality. Verena and Martin Freiburg, Germany, 2010.

– A really nice guy, who’s really uncomplicated. He was my first Surfer so I was quite nervous, but he told me to stay calm and so it worked out well … Jan Mudrack, Aachen, Germany, 2010.

– Nadine and I hosted Krum and his friend for one day. They were really kind and it was fun to hang around with them. I’ve learned a lot about making new friends via football world championship. Both of them were really nice guests! Hope we’ll meet again someday, guys! It was a pleasure to host you! Anna Lena Berg, Bochum, Germany, 2010.

– I hosted Krum as my first couch surfer, and I will remember this great time we had together, hunting for soap, sharing unusual stories and surrealistic experiences, being woken up at 3am by a bunch of super-loud-and-drunk people in the street below. Thanks for your positive and adventurous spirit! Germain, Pont-Saint-Esprit, France, 2010.

– I host Krum and his friend during two days. Krum is a great Couch Surfer, his experience is impressive. Heterodox and free-thinker. During these two days, I lived only pleasant moments, harmonious mixture of chilled-out atmospheres, and shared happy times. Sun and smiles. I liked this meeting, and especially I liked those 2 persons who offered it to me. Thanks for all noble Krum. Steph, Toulon, France, 2010.

– Krum is always full of energy and is great on motivating people. He is always having great ideas and he is very interesting to talk with. I am sure we will meet often on any of the nice events he organizes. Carlos, Munich, Germany / Venezuela, 2010.

– Krum, keep it up with your excellent ideas for CS activities in Karlsruhe area! I enjoyed a lot at the Weinstr. and I`m really looking forward to the next trip! Alex, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2010.

– Krum is very open and friendly and he’s a great couch surfer … Sebastiano Russo, Acireale, Italy, 2010.

– Krum is crazy! But I say this in a very positive way. He is different from ‘normal’ people and that makes him extremely special. He can motivate and inspire people to do things they thought, they would never do. Also people at CS always talk about ‘open minded’, but if you really want to meet an open minded person, meet Krum! It was a great experience to have met him. Andreas von Knobloch, Heidelberg, Germany, 2010.

– It’s always great when two globe-trotter and world-citizens can meet somewhere in the world. This mades it possible that we develop the hospitality between people. And makes life so cheerful and interesting. Andrey Sapunov, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2010.

– Krum stayed with me for three days in Copenhagen, and met some of my friends also on university exchange. He is interesting to chat with and has very impressive skills to cover an entire city by foot in two days! Claire Harr, Columbus, United States / Denmark / Australia, 2010.

– Krum is the perfect couch surfing-host and I think couch surfer, too. He’s nice, intelligent, polite, trustful and cares about the environment in a wider sense. Thanks for letting me stay with you and I hope to welcome you in Mainz some time soon. Tobias Doll, Berlin, Germany, 2010.

– Krum and his friend surfed my couch in Helsinki. We didn’t spend very much time together but in the brief time we did, I figured Krum is a very independent, well prepared, calm but active of a person who likes the nature. He was very determined to discover Helsinki and Tampere in only a weekend. Was very nice to meet you! Milla Tulonen, Helsinki, Finland, 2010.

– It was a great trip. Thanks for organizing. Expecting more trips with you in future. I liked the way you explored nature … Gaurav Jain, Freiburg, Germany / India, 2010.

– Thanks for organizing this lovely walk in Black Forest. The company was great, the sky blue and the view amazing! Just a great day out. Looking forward to meet you again for another adventure … Pierre-David Andre, Sion, Switzerland, 2010.

– Krum organised a small hiking tour in the snowy mountains of Feldberg and it was absolutely spontaneous and wonderful. Vikas Nainital, Stuttgart, Germany / India, 2010.

– Krum is the perfect couch surfer! He has a good attitude and is very much involved in the CS community. Looking forward to meeting up again with him. Arne, Nuremberg, Germany, 2010.

– Seems to be a good guy taking care of his friends! Helge, Oslo, Norway, 2010.

– Krum is a nice guy; he told me interesting details about the CS meetings in some cities in Germany. Bojo and Zlaty, Sofia, Bulgaria / world, 2010.

– Positive energy and happiness bringing! The group was great and I had lots of hugs! Thank you boys for inviting me. Katina Ivanova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010.

– Hi there, Free-Hugs brother! I’m very happy that you enjoyed me and my friends! And I want to thank you very much for taking initiative and organizing such a beautiful event. And thanks for having faith in me, I appreciate that a lot, gives me more strength to be… me! We’ll meet again along our journeys. Asen Stoimenov, Welwyn Garden City, England / Bulgaria, 2010.

– Krum is a very intelligent man and seems happy with his life which is definitely not usual for a Bulgarian. Keep enjoying Krum! Ruzha Karaatanasova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010.

– Krum is a really nice and outgoing guy, very much keen on travelling. He is very positive, has lots of good ideas and is interested in many things. It was very nice talking to him while we walked together in the mountain and I’m hoping we’ll have the chance to make other hikes like that in the future. Best wishes! Maria Kostova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010.

– Interesting guy; has sense of humour, able to “touch” every topic. For sure, I would enjoy to meet him again and to have interesting conversations, in English, Bulgarian or whatever. Looking forward to sharing my first Free hugs event with him. Nazareno Laurino, Ajaccio, France / Italy / Bulgaria, 2010.

– I met Krum in the Vitosha Mountain and we made an excellent trip with some others friends from CS. It was nice to meet Krum because he is a very positive young man. I am happy that we met first in the mountains, where the peoples are genuine and I am sure that Krum is also open to the world guy, who believes in the good in people. It’ll be great to meet you again. Take care my friend! Ivaylo Tonev, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009.

– Looking at this profile, leaving a positive reference for Krum seems superfluous. Good company, generous, polite, everything you’d want from a guest. Eirik Torgersen Engstad, Tromso, Norway, 2009.

– Our story is quite funny. We he mentioned to his friends in the bus from the airport to the city that he will stay with … my brain couldn’t believe that. We both had the same host! Krum was really nice; he offered me to hang around with him and his friends so we stayed some hours together and had really nice conversation. It was really a lovely experience with him! Carina, Vienna, Austria / Luxembourg, 2009.

– Krum is a very intelligent and nice person who genuinely cares about others. He decided to sleep in my kitchen so not to disturb me and my other couch surfer when leaving early in the morning … Liene Spruzeniece, Oslo, Norway / Latvia, 2009.

– Krum, you were a great guest! Very open-minded and interested to learn from others and to share your knowledge! Very simpatico for sure! Krum came with his other CS friends and we all 6 characters (from origins Bulgaria, Russia, India, Germany and Turkey) spend very good time together! Our topics were so different like ourselves: Life, politic, education, culture … Mel, Southampton, England / Switzerland / Turkey, 2009.

– When I was struggling a bit to find out somebody who could offer me a ride to Basel from Strasbourg to attend the 3 countries Xmas event at Basel, it was Krum who helped me out of the situation. Krum is a sort of guy who never says a nope to help somebody. He introduced me to two of his amazing friends and we all had an awesome time together. He made me feel very comfortable; as if we knew each other for years. He is a guy with immense reasoning ability and has a deep knowledge on a hell lot of things. I really enjoyed having conversation with Krum. He is fun, friendly, gentle, nice and extremely helpful. He is a guy who you would certainly love to have in your friend circle. I had an amazing weekend with Krum and do hope to meet him sometime soon. Dibyajeeban Mishra, Lille, France / India, 2009.

– It sounds amazing – a CS-meeting in the air! Thanks for that idea! I’m waiting for your next trip to Dresden. Julia and Sebastian, Bogota, Colombia / Germany, 2009.

– When Krum surfed my place we had had a really good time together. We’ve been hiking in the Sächsische Schweiz and I showed him around Dresden. Also we hiked another mystical trail the day after. He really contributed to my fitness! Thanks so much. I enjoyed his company, he’s a highly inspiring person, good-stories teller, created new ideas in my head and I definitely want come with your exciting journeys in the future! Amazing Bulgarian! Maria, Dublin, Ireland / Czech Republic / Germany, 2009.

– Very cool person who I would happily host if he ever wants to come to Copenhagen again – good luck in your travels! Brian, Pittsburgh, United States, 2009.

– Perfect guest … he is a very smart, polite and friendly person. Marzio and Silvia, Trieste, Italy, 2009.

– Krum is a very positive and fun person; he values highly life … and very knowledgeable. It is a lot of fun travelling with him together! Martin Surjanto, Singapore / Germany / Indonesia, 2009.

– I met Krum during a great CS Halloween party and although we didn’t get to speak much, we had a lot of fun that night dancing with all the other CS. He seemed to me like a very friendly guy. Cyrielle Debois, Josselin, France, 2009.

– I had a great time talking to Krum and learning about his country! We enjoyed ourselves in Mainz, out and about at night, dancing and meeting folks. Take care! Raphael, Worms, Germany, 2009.

– After seeing all his unique event invitations incl. waterskiing, I finally could meet Krum at my Halloween potluck … Soraya, Mainz, Germany / world, 2009.

– Krum as an experienced couch surfer is “just” friendly, nice and open. Just hook up with him and check out! Philipp, Warsaw, Poland / Germany, 2009.

– He was my first couch surfer and I wasn’t scared about the unknown person. Amazing! Romain Schmitz, Kaiserslautern, Germany / Luxembourg, 2009.

– It was my pleasure to host you. You are very interesting, respectful and kind person. I enjoyed going out, talking and sharing opinions with you. I am happy to meet such a cool and clever guy. You are always welcome! Fatih Eksen, Luxembourg / Turkey, 2009.

– Thank you very much, Krum, for hosting me in Karlsruhe! It was great to speak with you about all these issues that we both care about. I hope to meet you again one day! Olivier, Brussels, Belgium, 2009.

– Krum is very nice and highly active Bulgarian guy especially for natural and cultural events. Well informed and he always keep updating very interesting activities around our city. Wish to visit his country till end of this year. And let me know if you need any couch help in Karlsruhe. Cheers! Hamburg, Germany / India, 2009.

– Krum! The super couch surfer! I will vote for him for sure, if there is anything like that. He is one of these guys who connect the world. A brilliant mind and excellent eye for eatables, especially nuts in the woods in southern Germany. I must say, I like to meet this guy again. Chanhyo Jeong, Eugene, United States / Germany / Korea, 2009.

– It was a pleasure to host Krum. He’s an interesting, intelligent person and a good hiking companion … Juliane, Freiburg, Germany, 2009.

– Hey, Krum. Great person, great pool of various experiences and great stories to tell 🙂 Very communicative, open-minded, knowledgeable and friendly, ready to provide help or just a very useful piece of advice. Also pleasure to know you. Rumyana Doychinova, Sofia, Bulgaria / Italy / Germany, 2009.

– You were indeed pretty funny! You seem to be a very active guy, always ready to organize or take part in the most original activities. I had a lot of fun playing the name tag game with the Bulgarian group that night – I wish I could have taken part in the other events you organized afterwards… When you come to Canada I’ll be the one organizing the hikes, alright? And no lights! And no GPS! Manon Ricard, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada, 2009.

– Hey great idea with waterskiing! I had a great time and hopefully next time we get to do the whole circuit! And ZKM was also a super idea! Really enjoyed the full weekend! Oana Marin, Heidelberg, Germany / Romania, 2009.

– It was great to be hosted by Krum. He is very smart and clever! I loved to talk with him for hours without thinking about time. He always looked after me and I felt very welcome! I definitely will see him again! Katharina Niemann, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2009.

– He is organising and managing many events in and around Karlsruhe. Valentin, Heidelberg, Germany, 2009.

– Absolute adventurous guy and Bulgarian enough to have fun like hell! Sabina Giulia Poli, Rome, Italy, 2009.

– This were interesting days for us. Krum is lovable, friendly and modest man. We can highly recommend you to meet him. It was a great pleasure for us to be with him. Karlheinz and Nelly Dietrich, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2009.

– We hosted … and Krum. They were really open-minded and we had some good chats. It became quite late though, and they had to get up in the morning. When they left they gave me a little Bulgarian doll with rose perfume and some delicious marzipan. Thank you for a very nice evening. Anna Okstra, London, England / Norway, 2009.

– Krum organized a moonlight hike to the summit of Melibokus. We did find the way up and down and it was a nice experience. He is a nice guy, who likes to climb up trees. Daniel, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2009.

– Krum was easy to get along with and he has interesting opinions about politics and things like this. It was fun talking to you! Minneapolis, United States, 2009.

– Krum did not remain very a long time but it was very interesting! It’s a pleasure to host you! You’re welcome another time if you would! Nico and Nanou Gorsatt, Sion, Switzerland, 2009.

– It was a big pleasure to host Krum. We had very good discussions and I even learned things about my own region from him. He is an open-minded, friendly and interested guy who lives the philosophy of Couch surfing in an amazing way. All in all: He is a great person to meet. Hope I get the chance to visit him sometime in Germany. Christa Ritter, Naters, Switzerland, 2009.

– Krum stayed in … for one night, we had a very nice evening, interesting talks about travelling, people, traditions… Thanks for inviting me for dinner! Take care! Martina Thomi, Wichtrach, Switzerland, 2009.

– Nice and polite guy who knows all about the weather. Krum, is easy to host and interesting to talk to and knows a lot about everything! Kathrin Zwahlen, Katoomba, Australia / Switzerland, 2009.

– It was a pleasure hosting you. Krum is a very nice guy… You’re welcome anytime! Sofia Nogueira, Porto, Portugal, 2009.

– Krum and … were very nice and cheerful guests. I enjoyed a lot the time I spent with them. They are very curious and interested persons, always on the move! You always will be welcomed in my place. Hope to see you again. Tessya, Cascais, Portugal, 2009.

– Krum is a nice guest and though he only stayed one night he left a wonderful present. Definitely host him if you can! Joao, Sydney, Australia / Portugal, 2009.

– Krum the organiser of the Bulgarian group let three of them stay at my place. Lovely people I meet. We had not the opportunity to be together longer we just meet in the door. But I like to be with them one time to a round trip some were. Looking forward to that. Samuel Neuhof, Stavanger, Norway / Germany, 2009.

– Krum came to Norway with a bunch of friends, and he organised everything for them. So I got two beautiful Bulgarian girls staying in my room over night. It was just a pleasure to help you out, let me know when you’re coming back, still have some free hugs to give out! Merethe, Stavanger, Norway, 2009.

– Krum and his Bulgarian wild bunch came to my Shoebox. There where 6 Bulgarian and one polish one. It was the funniest hosting experience I ever had! We had great fun setting a new surfing record in my “Shoebox”. And yes, one of them had to sleep under my table. Also got a new record for the biggest breakfast this place has seen, as the big Bulgarian “army” brought so much food with them. They were all so fun; we had lots of laughter… Thank you so much for all the wine, the rose oil and the flowers you brought me. And of course thanks for the fun record setting we had, you guys, really rock! Lill, Forde, Norway, 2009.

– Krum is really open minded and we had some good chats. He gave us a little Bulgarian doll with rose perfume and some delicious marzipan. Thank you for a very nice evening. Robin van den Boom, Spijkenisse, Netherlands, 2009.

– Krum is very nice and funny, he told me funny stories. Alicja Trzaska, Lublin, Poland, 2009.

– Krum is a very friendly guy. It was really nice to talk with him. He stayed two nights in my home. He was very generous and had a great humour. The conversations were really interesting. Hopefully we will meet one day again. Jenny Nerlich, Bern, Switzerland / Germany, 2009.

– Hello, my friend! It was a pleasure for us to meet you and we are very glad to know that your stay was almost unforgettable. We spent a lovely time with you at home and when sightseeing. You are good talkative with a great sense of humour. It’s cool to know that we have now two new friends in Germany waiting for us. Our “bungalow” is open for you whenever you want to come back. Cristina and Leo, Elche, Spain, 2009.

– He is a talkative and positive person. You can spend a nice time with him. Veronica, Mexico City, Mexico, 2009.

– Krum is a really nice and open minded guy; it was a lovely time spent with him. Thanks for your biscuit and telling me about “free hugs”, I definitely will do it someday! Chen Yu Lin, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009.

– Thank you for coming here and staying in this place. Once you’ll be in Dublin – always welcome again, it was really a pleasure to host you and have a good time. You know what left biggest impression? That you saw and done so much in one day. Unbelievable! And still in the evening was smiling, no complains, full of energy. Could you tell the secret? Hope to see you again. Keep on being yourself, smiling and doing good job, people like you turning the world. Edvardas Karzenauskas, Bray, Ireland / Lithuania, 2009.

– Krum and his friends are funny and nice peoples … Pascal Minder, Burgdorf, Switzerland, 2009.

– One of the best Huggers on Heidelberg Campaign. Sebastian Merget, Darmstadt, Germany / France, 2009.

– Krum is a hugging-maniac! Thanks for organizing this nice event! Konrad, Darmstadt, Germany, 2009.

– Krum organized the Free Hug event in Heidelberg which was awesome and very successful… Tim Stuke, Berlin, Germany, 2009.

– Krum was nice and we had some interesting chats. Lausanne, Switzerland, 2009.

– Krum has been gentle and polite. We had some good conversations about his home country which I may cross soon. Xavier Pincé, Biscarrosse, France, 2009.

– We had great fun that evening he and his friends stayed at our place. Thanks a lot for the beer! Hope to meet up again! Tom Hess, Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland, 2009.

– I met him first in Krakow. We travelled together. I visited him in Aachen. He is nice guy. You should host him… you will get a lot of fun with him. He is super cool. He is really nice and thoughtful. Changyong Yi, Berlin, Germany / Korea, 2008.

– We travelled by car in Sardinia. Krum and … are nice people, easygoing and funny. I enjoyed a lot travelling with them, so I just hope to repeat again. Adrià Cabestany, L’Espluga de Francoli, Spain / Cataluniya, 2008.

– Non-stopping continual development, always looking how to make his and the life of others better, directly or indirectly, thinking differently, learning fast, sharing a lot of valuable information, always taking action, loving nature, creative and inspiring. Nikolay Georgiev, Darmstadt, Germany / Bulgaria, 2007.